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Quarterly Journal on management
From the publishers of THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE
Vol. 2 Iss. 3 February 1999

No Dice
Information and Communication Technology
Inside Out
The Information and
Communication Technology revolution
-- a personal view
Sugar-coated Pill
ERP software
-- what it can do and what it cannot
Through the Window
The impact of information technology on management
Is IT it?
People are changing the way they work the world over. Is IT it?
The client funded approach to information technology
Putting it Across
Getting your message across the right way
Different World
The internet and the first time business user
Step by Step
System design guidelines for small businesses
Building Bridges
Why businesses
need to embrace e-commerce
In Here Out there
Internet, intranet, and extranet -- what do they mean?
The Broken Window
Accessibility leads
to a major problem
-- security
Data warehousing
and data mining
-- a close look
Face the Phase
Dynamics of change
and resistance
Talking Point
The use of IT in the
insurance and finance
Outside View
Learning from history

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