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Quarterly Journal on management
From the publishers of THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE
Vol. 2 No. 1 March 1998

In Black and White
Managing Bureaucracy
Out of the Blue
The Impact of Bureaucracy
Melting Pot
The Strategic Manifestations of Structure
Breaking the Rules
The Creation of Bureaucracy
From Busyness to Business
Introducing the "Unorganisation" Philosophy
Isn't it a Wonder?
A Wider Perspective of Bureaucracy
Give a Little
Indian Bureaucracy in Perspective
A Glimpse of the Divine
Industry's Experience
A Close Encounter
An Interview
Get Up and Get Over
How to Get Things Done by Bureaucracy
A Typical Example
The Case of the Chennai Port Trust
Mystical Experience
Beyond Bureaucracy, Building Partnerships
All the King's Men...
A Book Report
A Different Beat

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