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Quarterly Journal on management
From the publishers of THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE
Vol. 2 Iss. 4 November 1999

The Mirror Has Two Faces
Women in Management
Beyond the Wall
On the burning issues of the day, and the latest trends
The Glass
On the blocks women managers face: Maternal Walls and Glass ceilings
A Conversation
An interview with Reena Ramachandran, CEO, Hindustan Organic Chemicals, about her personal experience as a woman manager in a PSU
The Difference
An interview with Apsara Ramabhadran, Senior Marketing Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions, about her experiences as a woman manager in the US and in India
The New Breed
Knowledge workers and the Internet are changing our lives. What do these mean to women?
Next Step
Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Joint Managing Director, Kinetic Group of Industries, speaks on her personal experience as a young woman CEO
The Second Sex
The evolution and the institutionalisation of gender inequality
The New World
The Eastern and Western worlds of women managers, and the evolution of a new world
Putting Strategy to Work
An inquiry into the issue of "Turning Strategy into Action"
Women Power
The new equation: The consumer is not your wife; she is your boss.

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