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Quarterly Journal on management
From the publishers of THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE
Vol. 2 No. 2 August 1998

Mirror, Mirror
Managing Small Business
Lessons for small businesses
Strategy for small businesses
The Difference
Using innovation to compete
Small is Wonderful
Small business support in the US
Is Small Beautiful
The rigours of running a small business
Medicine Man
An Interview with K. Raghavendra Rao, CEO,
Orchid Pharmaceuticals
Towards Freedom
Entrepreneurship, small business and
the Unorganisation principle
A Big Deal
Small retailers and the markets
Running Times
An entrepreneur's experiences on starting-up
and running businesses
The Advantage
Using regions for small business success
Cry for Help
Typical small business problems with Institutions
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Done
Venture capital in India
Surviving Failure
How and why people fail
For Art's Sake
An entrepreneur who made art affordable
The Whirlpool
Small businesses and finance

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