Key         Description              Key       Description           Key         Description
(Cargo)bg   (Cargo)in bags           LAB       Linear Alkyl BenZene  T Logs      Timber Logs
(Cargo)bk   (Cargo)in bulk	     L Amm     Liquid Ammonia        V Oil       Vegetable Oil
A           Allotted		     L Oil     Lube Oil              Veh         Vehicles 
AD          Agents disposal          M ore     Manganese Ore         VCM         Vinyl chloride monomer
CB Oil      Carbon Black Oil         MoP       Muriate of Potash     W           Waiting     
Agri pdts   Agricultural Products    Nap       Naphtha 		     Wt.flr.bgs  Wheat flour Bags
Chem        Chemicals                NR        Not Ready
Ch Ore      Chrome Ore               OA        Outer anchorage
C Coal      Coking Coal              P Oil     Palm Oil/Palmolein
Boxes       Containers/TEUs          P reels   Paper reels
Dml         Demolition               PAX       Passengers
FE CHR      Ferrous Chrome           POL       Petroleum,Oil & Lubes
Fo          Furnace Oil              Ph Acid   Phosphoric Acid
GC          General Cargo            PP        Poor Performance
GB          Granite Blocks           DAP       Potash
GS          Granite Stone            Raw C     Raw Cashew
HBI         Hard Briqetted Iron      R Phos    Rock Phosphate
H Coke      Hard Coke                STM       Stearine Monomer
HSD         High Speed Diesel        S Coils   Steel Coils
I Ore       Iron Core                S Slabs   Steel Slabs
IOC         Iron Ore Concentrate     SKO       Superior Kerosene Oil
IOP         Iron Ore Pellets         T Coal    Thermal Coal
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