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Friday, November 16, 2001


Survey puts LifeStyle as Chennai's top multi-brand store

Purvita Chatterjee

MUMBAI, Nov. 15

Modern retailing in India is seeing Chennai leading the way. This is based on the fact that real estate prices in the city compare favourably against other metros, making it a low risk proposition. Today, enthused investors are ready to pump in funds into this city's retail business. With Chennai emerging as the most `happening' retail destination, Images and AC Nielsen have come up with a study to identify the most popular menswear retail outlets in Chennai in terms of top of mind recall of these multi-brand stores (MBOs).

LifeStyle, with an overall 14 per cent consumer recall, has the highest `top of mind' awareness among the respondents as compared to other retail outlets. Cutting across the gender and age barriers, LifeStyle emerges as the most popular multi-brand destination shop for menswear purchases in Chennai, says the report. The highest cognisance of 18 per cent was registered by the 21-30 years age group.

The other two age groups namely 31-40 years and 41-55 years also registered significant recalls of 12 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. The women on the other hand followed the youngsters and registered the store's second highest recall of 12 per cent. The scores registered by the male respondents was not significantly different from that of the women.

Rex Fashion at Mylapore attained the second position in the popularity chart. Respondents registered a 12 per cent recall in favour of the store. The 31-40 year age group registered Rex's highest recall of 16 per cent. However, according to the results, the store needs improve to its awareness amongst the older age group (41-55) and also amongst women.

Globus at Pondy Bazaar attained the third position on the popularity chart. The 21-30 year age group registered the highest support in favour of Globus. Surprisingly, Globus did not register a single recall from the female respondents.

Kumaran's Life Style and Pothy's at Pondy Road and Saravana Store on Ranganathan Street shared the fourth position on the consumers' popularity chart. Amongst these three stores, the male respondents registered the highest recall percentage in favour of Kumaran Life Style. This store got the highest recall from the 41-55 years age group.

The women, however, seemed to be highly impressed with Pothy's and assigned it their maximum patronage over the other three stores. Pothy's also got the highest percentage of recall from the 31-40 years age group. Amongst the three stores, Saravana Store got the highest recall from the 21-30 years age group.

The consumers' of Chennai placed Hi Style in Annanagar and Naidu Hall in Pondy Bazaar at the seventh position on the grid. Between the two stores, Naidu Hall registered more recall from the women and the 31-40 age group of men. On the other hand, Hi Style got the highest score from the 41-55 year age group.

Jeyachandran at Ranganathan Street and Shoppers' stop at Harrington Road attained the ninth rank on the popularity chart. Overall, both the stores got the same score, though Jeyachandran is more popular among men while Shoppers' Stop a favourite among women. Krishna Tulasi at Pondy Bazaar and Pantaloon attained the 11th position among women. The male respondents also registered similar cognisance for both the stores.

New Kumaran Store, Sekar, Genesis Menswear, Sellers, Rasi, Mahaveera and Mangaram also featured in the popularity survey.

Overall, the survey revealed that the Chennaittes are experimenting with the new but have still retained their loyalties with the old stores. Shoppers' Stop and Pantaloon, which emerged as the top multi-brand outlets (MBOs) of Delhi and Kolkata respectively, could not score too well in Chennai.

On the other hand, LifeStyle gained substantial ground in Chennai and so did the old and mighty Rex Fashion.

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