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Brand Quest      (March 03, 2005)

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  1. It was founded at the Rising Sun pub and is also known as the Blues (previously the 'Pensioners'). In 2003, a billionaire with the middle name Arkadievich took control of it; ever since British tabloids have humorously used 'ki' instead of its last two letters 'ea'. What are we referring to?

  2. Jersey and Highland Milk were among the names considered for the product that was launched to challenge the Swiss domination in this category. What was the product ultimately called?

  3. The first consignment handled by the Indian arm of National Carbon was worth less than Rs 500. Now, it's a Rs 900-crore company with interests in diverse sectors including tea, which it caters to with a brand that has four variants: Tez, Premium Gold, Jaago and Classic. Which is this company?

  4. Which insurance company was founded by the directors of Wills Faber in 1905? (For cricket fans, it was the sponsor of what happened to be England's first test series win over West Indies in over 30 years. That was in 2000!)

  5. In 1888, this person's baby son wasn't keeping well and had to be fed a cooked gruel mixture. This experience inspired him to develop a product, which was sold by a company that he founded with his brother. The former started another company, American Ferment Company, after a third brother joined the initial one. American Ferment, known by another name now, is a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. What's it called?

  6. This sporting event, the first edition of which was played at the Warehouseman's Cricket Ground at Albert Park, is sponsored by Kia Motors. Which is it?

  7. What is common to the answers for questions 1 to 6? You may probably crack the theme if you can get the answer to this question: Which company, incorporated in Mumbai in 1897, had till 1951 only one industrial unit, producing cotton textiles? It has si nce then diversified into yarn, denim, viscose filament rayon yarn, and so on. The company, whose chairman is B. K. Birla, is also into tram shipping, as also property and land development.

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