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Brand Quest      (February 24, 2005)

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  1. This British vodka brand was launched last September with the backing of an 84-year General, whose photo is displayed on its bottles. The vodka, which is distilled in Russia's St. Petersburg, is imported to England by a British company. The brand was c riticised by major drinks companies, which said an aspect of the brand "indirectly suggested an association with violent and dangerous behaviour." What were they referring to?

  2. In 2003, Google acquired the company that created the Web self-publishing tool Blogger. Can you name it?

  3. You can work this out! The company has a shortened name, which is made up of the missing words in its original name: ... Laffan Liquefied Natural ... Company Ltd. Which is it?

  4. Which organisation's official newsletter is Off The Record?

  5. A founding member of Google, he runs an organisation that says, "For company leaders it is invaluable to have an experienced Sherpa guide to share the load and make success come a little easier." He is No. 6 in Forbes Midas list of 100 venture capitali sts. Who's he and what's his company called?

  6. The original edition of the reality show Apprentice is hosted by Donald Trump. Who has been chosen to host the newest version?

  7. Sceptics, according to the ad agency, believed it wouldn't be long before the agency is out on the street selling apples instead of giving them away. That was in 1935, the year in which the agency started off, and the trigger for that comment was that it had, "as a sign of hospitality," placed a bowl of red apples in the reception room. This practice is still said to continue. Can you name the agency?

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