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Brand Quest      (August 19, 2004)

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  1. This phenomenon was first observed in the Netherlands in the '60s; the country discovered large reserves of natural gas in the North Sea. The effect that it had on the other segments of the economy was quite damaging ... its currency, the guilder, beca me stronger, which meant the country's non-oil exports became less competitive. What term, indicating such an effect on the economy, originated as a result?

  2. The Mumbai-based BackOps is said to be a call centre-like service, providing engineering detail and structural planning services to overseas civil engineering firms. Which politician is said to own 83 per cent of the company's shares?

  3. It's guaranteed to be the only display advertisement to be carried on page one of a newspaper. The term is also the name of the magazine brought out by Ad Club Bombay. What's the term?

  4. Although the origin of this dish is uncertain, its modern avatar has been credited to Fletcher 'Old Dave' Davis of Texas. The dish gained prominence with a newspaper report featuring Old Dave's dishes, prominent among them sandwiches, during the 1904 W orld's Fair Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in St. Louis. What's it?

  5. This Indian company, which started its operations in 1974 in collaboration with Hienrich Schmid of Switzerland, has a product range that includes "fine blanked component tools and related machine tools like straighteners, decoilers, strip loaders and o thers." Which is it?

  6. Nothing offensive here! What's the expansion of FCUK, the fashion chain?

  7. Who's Africa's richest man? (Big clue: Think precious stones)

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