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Brand Quest      (January 22, 2004)

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  1. John and his brother Frank opened a small drugstore in Philadelphia in 1860. John's son took over the reins of the company after his father's death in 1909. He ran the company till his death in 1929; the controlling stake was then acquired by Harvard U niversity. In the early '30s, American Home Products bought this company from the university. Can you name this pharma and biotech major, which bears John's surname?

  2. MP3s are digital audio files that have been compressed through encoding. But the question's not about that! Back in '32, a company, now called Telecom Italia, introduced a product model called MP1. It had also introduced basic models of this product ca lled — M1 and M20 — between '11 and '20. Which product are we referring to, and what was the company called then?

  3. An easy one! A Mewar ruler bought two horses from an Arab dealer. The first one, Natak, it is said, performed stunning feats during a test, but was subsequently fatally injured. The second one went on to attain legendary status in Indian history. Four centuries after its death, its name is still famous — now also as a company's brand. Which brand?

  4. Founded by Chidambaram Chettyar, this bank commenced operations in 1937 with branches in Karaikudi, Chennai, Rangoon (now Yangon in Myanmar) and Penang (Malaysia). Which one?

  5. Ghana, Crunky, Sunfuns, Sunfud, Sasha, ABC, Atlas, Chocobar and Topic are just some of the chocolate varieties of a company that was in the news recently. Which one?

  6. Which Business Process Outsourcing company derives its name from the mascot of Princeton University, where all its three co-founders studied?

  7. Easy again! Bill Smith, a senior engineer and scientist at Motorola, introduced what in that organisation in 1986?

  8. Reliance Industries announced recently that it will be taking over the ailing petrochemicals and plastics division of which Arvind Mafatlal group-promoted company?

  9. DaimlerChrysler finally launched its super luxury saloon Maybach in India. The world's costliest car currently has two models: Maybach 57 and Maybach 62. What do the numbers indicate?

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