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Brand Quest      (June 26, 2003)

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  1. The origin of this bank can be traced back to the Bhavnagar Darbar Bank formed in 1902. How do we know this bank today?

  2. Which company's name can be prefixed to the following to get the names of its subsidiaries: Foods, Nepal, Egypt, Oncology and Pharma?

  3. "Charlie and I have not the faintest idea what our cost of capital is and we think the whole concept is fairly crazy, frankly...I've never seen a cost of capital that makes sense to me." Who said this recently?

  4. What is unique about the following 12 stocks: American Cotton Oil, American Sugar, American Tobacco, Chicago Gas, Distilling & Cattle Feeding, General Electric, Laclede Gas, National Lead, North American, Tennessee Coal & Iron, US Leather and US Rubber ?

  5. Captain Krishnan Nair is the founder of this Rs 450-crore hospitality group. Which one?

  6. This urban co-operative bank ran into trouble roughly a year ago when its Chairman Syed Sajjad Aga committed suicide. Subsequently, it was found out that fraudulent advances were sanctioned by the management of the bank. Can you name the bank?

  7. Which company's brands include 8 PM whisky and Contessa Rum?

  8. Complete the sequence: G. William Miller (1977-79), Paul Volcker (1979-87), ...(1987-)?

  9. He left Young & Rubicam in 1947 but continued working on public opinion polling with Claude Robinson, his partner. He believed consumer attitude research was needed to do the creatives. Who is being referred to here?

  10. Which company owns the brands National, Panasonic, Quasar and Technics?

  11. Which information technology major has been asked to revamp and host the Finance Minstry's Web site?

  12. His most famous ad was for Cadillac. Called the 'Penalty of Leadership', this 1915 one-time ad, without mentioning the car name conveyed why organisations that honour standards of excellence became "targets of the envious". The post-ad sales of Cadilla c soared. Can you name the person who created this ad?

  13. Shahrukh Khan is the spokesperson and Sonali Bendre is the ambassador for which brand of watches?

  14. This sport star endorses Pepsi, Adidas, Castrol motor oil, Marks & Spencer clothes, Police brand of sunglasses, Meiji chocolates among others. Who's he?

  15. To continue with the previous question... how does Adidas get its name?

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