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Brand Quest      (June 19, 2003)

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  1. During World War II, Chevron designed its name in such a way as to indicate support to the Allied Forces. What did it do?

  2. Expand KRIBHCO.

  3. It's much bigger than a minimum bid required in an auction, but is used mostly to shock potential bidders. What's the term for such bids?

  4. Who said: 'Advertising is not the noblest creation of man's mind, as so many of its advocates would like the public to think. It does not, single-handedly, sustain the whole structure of capitalism and democracy in the Free World. It is just as nonsens ical to suggest that we are superhuman as to accept the indictment that we are subhuman. We are merely human, trying to do a necessary job with dignity, with decency and with competence.'

  5. In 1998, Compagnie Generale des Eaux (CGE) changed its name to become what?

  6. Benjamin Graham, considered by many as the 'Father of security analysis', introduced this concept in his book ( Security Analysis), which he considered central to investment decisions. The concept represents the difference between the estimated intrinsic value of a security and the price that is paid for it. What's the concept?

  7. The current CEO of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, is the first non-German to run the bank. Where's he from?

  8. Bharat Forge Limited is the flagship company of which group?

  9. A particular name for this fabric is supposed to have come from the French phrase serge de Nimes. While serge refers to a durable twilled fabric, Nimes is a Southern French city where the fabric is supposed to have been first made. Can you name the fabric?

  10. Cetex, manufacturer of solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone, belongs to which group?

  11. Which car company bears the name of the founder of Detroit?

  12. In 1900, Bayer introduced Aspirin in this form, which cut costs into half? What form was this?

  13. '- makes it possible'. Fill in the blank with this BPCL product.

  14. The literal translation of this Japanese company's name is 'three diamonds'. Can you name it?

  15. What is the pay channel from the FTV stable called?

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