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Brand Quest      (June 12, 2003)

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  1. Which bank did the Barista coffee chain tie up with to open Bancafe, a concept promoting cafes in banks?

  2. "People say, 'Why don't you retire?' I say: 'Because I get to play golf with Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, tennis with Monica Seles and I get to go to Wimbledon and Paul McCartney's wedding. I do every day what most people retire to do. So why retire? ' Who said this?

  3. It was formerly code-named Sledge-Hammer and is the challenger to Intel's Itanium processor. Can you name it?

  4. Who said, 'I warn you against believingthat advertising is a science.'

  5. Which company was formed on October 6, 1999, through the merger of British Steel and Koninklijke Hoogovens (whew!)?

  6. Can you name the company, producing DVD-burning software, which purchased the 'Napster' brand name and assets in November 2002?

  7. 'Mouse House Loses Big Cheese.' Daily Variety ran this headline in 1995 to announce the resignation of this company's high-profile president. Can you name the company and the official?

  8. After the participants submit the bids, the auctioneer declares the highest bidder as the winner but the latter only has to pay the second-highest bid price. What is such an auction format called?

  9. 'Blue point' became the logo of the company and also its name (in German). In the 1920s, this company's products are supposed to have received a 'blue dot' inspection sticker before leaving the factory. Can you name the company?

  10. The external members of which company's board include Dr Omkar Goswami, Rama Bijapurkar, Sridhar Iyengar, Senator Larry Pressler, Deepak M. Satwalekar, Claude Smadja, Dr Marti G. Subrahmanyam and Philip Yeo?

  11. Where can you find the 'Spirit of Ecstasy'?

  12. Which company, now valued at over billion dollars, was started by John Warnock and Chuck Geschke in 1982?

  13. Easy! Which organisation's official name is International Bank for Reconstruction and Development?

  14. This organisation's base line is 'Better sound through research'. Can you name it?

  15. What is Pantaloon Retail India's chain of hypermarkets called?

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