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Brand Quest      (April 24, 2003)

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I. Marketing Quotient

  1. This organisation, initially called the American Appliance Company, owes its name to a combination of an old French word for a ‘beam of light and a Greek term for ‘from the Gods’. What is it?

  2. Which organisation has the base line: Your guide to the financial jungle?

  3. What is the used-car business of car maker Maruti called?

  4. Founded in 1923, this company was called Hassenfeld Brothers and sold textile remnants. How do we know it today?

  5. In the context of foreign direct investment, what is round tripping?

  6. In 1951, it was Fuji Iron & Steel, Showa Denko, Tanabe Seiyaky and Yawata Iron & Steel. In 2002, it was Siam Cement and TVS Motor Company. What are we referring to?

  7. Sahara Media & Entertainment has planned Sahara Swar, a satellite radio service. What's unique about the initiative?

  8. This company, founded in 1856, is the world's largest seller of maps. It kicked off operations in 1917 as a book and ticket printer and is reputed to have produced the first road map showing numbered highways. Producer of Road Atlas, this company only recently exited bankruptcy. Name it.

  9. Which maker of high-speed trains, gas turbines and cruise ships announced recently that it received letters from someone named Jean Mathew of MJ Global Acquisitions expressing a wish to buy the company's capital? The company reportedly sees these commu nications as attempts to manipulate share price, as MJ Global Acquisition is unknown in the financial world.

  10. i-flex: FLEXCUBE; Infosys:?

  11. Which lubricant company's motorcycle service station is PrimaZona?

  12. Expand the term FOMA, which is the brand name for DoCoMo's 3G services.

  13. In 1978, a Nobel Prize-winning economist suggested that an amount be levied on all foreign exchange transactions in order to prevent speculation on currency fluctuations. What are such levies called? Name the economist too.

  14. It was called Hydrocarbons India Pvt Ltd when it was incorporated as a subsidiary of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in 1965. It was rechristened in 1989 as which is its present name?

  15. Which company in 1934 developed nylon, the first synthetic fibre?

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