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Brand Quest      (December 05, 2002)

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I. Business Jargon

Check your knowledge on some of the famous terms and acronyms in business lingo. (4 pts each)

  1. What is the common business/economic term for a commodity for which demand increases at higher prices and falls at lower prices ?

  2. What do the following business acronyms stand for (i) GAAP (ii) OTC (iii) FOB

  3. How is the New York Mercantile Exchange - the commodity market that deals in futures of crude and heating oil, leaded petrol, platinum, and palladium better known in common parlance ?

  4. In economics, what are described as 'Positional Goods' ?

  5. What name was adopted by the group of seven major industrial nations established in 1985 to discuss the world economy, comprising the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan ?.

II. Brand Match

Some of the most famous products and service brands of the world are not prominent in India since they have not been launched officially here . Match some of these brands and the product categories they belong to. (2 pts each)

    1.  Societe Generale			a.   Cooking oil
    2.  Danzas				b.   Office equipment
    3.  Gestetner				c.   Logistics
    4.  Schneider                           d.   Banking
    5.  Mazola                              e.   Electrical goods

III. Copy Test

Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply, a baseline for the brand. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. "So she's keeping secrets from you ... Make sure you know exactly where she hides them."

  2. '100 % Sport. 100 % Elegance. What are you made of ?'

  3. ' _____ is the secret of our energy'

  4. 'safai aisi, chupaye na chupe'

  5. 'When delivering to the catwalks, you can't afford to be fashionably late. That's why India's leading clothing companies rely on us'

IV. Take Your Pick

Select the right answer (2 pts each)
  1. Which famous multinational company has a e-tailing venture in India under the brand Sangam Direct - a unique venture that it has test launched in India (Mumbai currently) ?

    • Hindustan Lever
    • Nestle
    • Procter & Gamble
    • SmithKline Beecham

  2. Which of the following MNCs have significant operations in India through a Joint Venture with the Tainwala Group of Companies ?

    • Perfetti
    • Florsheim
    • Samsonite
    • Delsey

  3. In which country was the Miss World pageant planned to be held before it was shifted to London after a bloodshed fighting which arose in the country costing over 100 lives ?

    • Indonesia
    • Nigeria
    • Ghana
    • Egypt

  4. The Nobel Prize for economics unlike the other Nobel prizes is not funded by the Nobel Foundation - and was started in 1969 more than 6 decades after the other prizes were introduced. Which organisation finances the Economics Prize ?.

    • Samsung
    • London School of Economics
    • Volvo
    • Swedish National Bank

  5. Fisher-Price is a famous brand of toys. Which company owns and markets the brand in India ?

    • Hasbro
    • Funskool
    • Intertrade
    • Mattel

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