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Brand Quest      (August 09, 2001)

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I. The Admired One (4 pts each)

Check your knowledge on one of the most admired companies in the world - General Electric:

  1. What is common to Profile, Hotpoint, Profile Performance and Monogram?

  2. Who has been appointed as the President and Chairman-Elect of General Electric, set to replace Jack Welch, one of the longest serving CEOs in the world, in 2002?

  3. GE's broadcasting company NBC launched CNBC in 1989. What does CNBC stand for?

  4. Name the inventor of carbon incandescent lamp in 1879 who founded the company which was later re-christened General Electric.

  5. What feat was achieved by GE scientist Irving Langmuir in the 1930s, a first of its sort in business history?


Check out the following mutual fund brands and match them with their baselines: (1 pt each)

    1.  Ideal for you                               a.  Sun F&C
    2.  Family of funds for your family             b.  Sundaram Mutual Fund
    3.  The value of experience                     c.  IDBI Principal
    4.  We understand what you're working for       d.  LIC Mutual Fund
    5.  With you, all the time                      e.  Tata Mutual fund


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TV commercial, or simply, a baseline for the brand. Can you identify the brand advertised? (3 pts each)
  1. `Jaise aap rakhein khayal apnon ka. _________ rakhe khayal aapke investments ka.'

  2. `The future of glass. Since 1665'

  3. `No. 1 in messaging middleware. No. 1 in business applications. No. 1 in web application servers. No. 1 in web commerce solutions. It isn't Oracle.'

  4. `Insurance is not about everything going wrong. It's often about things going right.'

  5. `Zindagi ka hisab-kitab.'


Select the right answer (2 pts each)
  1. Which media group has taken majority stake in the Indian web portal

    • The Times of India
    • Zee
    • Star TV
    • Hindustan Times

  2. Which Italian company has been saved from a foreign takeover by the bailout by two Italian business families Pirelli and Benetton?

    • Telecom Italia
    • Lambhorghini
    • Gucci
    • Alitalia

  3. Which company markets the following pen brands in India: Parker, Papermate and Pilot?

    • GM Pens
    • Gillette
    • Luxor
    • Stic

  4. Which famous personality has signed up a mega-deal worth over $8 million with Alfred Knopf for the publishing rights of his/her autobiography?

    • Tom Cruise
    • Pamela Anderson
    • Bill Clinton
    • Sonia Gandhi

  5. Which division of GE became the first Fortune 500 company (outside the computer industry) to go online with its Web site as early as 1994?

    • GE Capital
    • GE Plastics
    • GE Lighting
    • NBC

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