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February 01, 2011
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Announcement: Board Meetings - Datewise
Company NameMeetingPurpose
Indo Credit Capital Ltd.  28/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Sharma East India Hospitals And Res  29/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Ashish Polyplast Ltd.  29/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Arvind International ltd.  31/01/2011 To consider the Draft Letter of Offer for issue of Rights Equity Shares by the Company.
Vista Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Denim Enterprises Ltd.  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Orient Tradelink Ltd.  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd.,  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results (Cancelled)
Netvista Information Tech. Ltd  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Emtex Industries (I) Ltd.  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
GEI INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS LIMITED  31/01/2011 inter-alia, to consider Comprehensive Funding Arrangements for various requirements of the Company. & Increase in Authorised Capital
CDR Health Care Ltd.,  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results
Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd.,  31/01/2011 Quarterly Results (Cancelled)
Confidence Petroleum India Limited  01/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Gitanjali Gems Ltd.  02/02/2011 to consider fund raising plans of the Company including Issuance of Convertible Bonds/ Equity Shares.
Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd.  02/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
PH Trading Ltd.  03/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Cummins India Ltd.,  03/02/2011 Interim Dividend
UT Ltd.  03/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sand Plast (India) Ltd.  03/02/2011 Quarterly Results
IRCON International Ltd  03/02/2011 Interim Dividend
DFM Foods Ltd.  03/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Koutons Retail India Limited  03/02/2011 inter alia, to consider the following: 1. Due to ill health and personal reasons of Independent Director's namely Mr. Vinod Chander Sinha, Mr. Girish Chandra Raghubir, Mr. Krishnamurthy Santhanam have requested to be relieved from the position of Independent Director of the Company w.e.f. January 28, 2011 and to consider the appointment of Mr. M K Katara, Mr. Pravesh Ahuja and Mr. Rajeev Khandelwal, as Additional Director (Independent) of the Company w.e.f. January 28, 2011. 2. Consider the resignation of Mr. Ajay Mahajan as Chief Financial Officer of the Company w.e.f. January 29, 2011. 3. Consider the resignation of Ms. Poonam Chahal from the post of Company Secretary cum Compliance Officer of the Company w.e.f. January 29, 2011. 4. Consider the appointment of Mr. Arun Aggarwal as Chief Financial Officer cum Company Secretary cum Compliance Officer of the Company w.e.f. February 01, 2011. & Increase in Authorised Capital Consider increasing of Authorised Share Capital of the Company. & Quarterly Results
Narendra Properties Ltd.  04/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Anuh Pharma Ltd.,  04/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Saven Technologies Ltd.  04/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd.,  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Kayton Trade & Finance Ltd.,  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Cals Refineries Ltd  05/02/2011 to consider and approve disclosure under Clause 41(IV)(e) for the 3rd quarter ended on December 31, 2010.
KJMC Financial Services Ltd.  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
KJMC Global Market (India) Ltd.  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Natraj Proteins Ltd.  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Prima Plastics Ltd.  05/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Pratibha Industries Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Agio Paper & Industries Limited  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results & Preferential Issue of shares the issue of equity shares on preferential basis as approved by the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting held on September 27, 2010 was cancelled due to delay in receipt of funds from the proposed allottees. The Board of Directors of the Company shall meet on February 07, 2011 to reconsider and approve preferential allotment of equity shares.
Pitti Laminations Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
P. I. Industries Ltd.,  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
FORTIS HEALTHCARE LIMITED  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Jalpac India Ltd.,  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Chokshi Imaging Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics Ltd  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
MIC Electronics Limited  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Cosmo Films Ltd.,  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Elder Projects Limited  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Ontrack Systems Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Camlin Fine Chemicals Limited  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.,  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Kitex Garmenets Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
DCW Ltd.,  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sahara HousingFina Corporation Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Raymed Labs. Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Stylam Industries Limited  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
ZYLOG SYSTEMS LIMITED  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Narmada Gelatines Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Freshtrop Fruits Ltd.  07/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.,  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Prakash Steelage Limited  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
SEA TV Network Limited  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Himalaya Granites Ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Hanung Toys & Textiles Limited  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Gokul Refoils and Solvent Limited  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Centum Electronics Ltd  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Everonn Education ltd  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Monnet Ispat Limited  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Elder Health Care ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Texmaco Ltd.,  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Priya Limited.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Splash Media Works ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
JCT Electronics Ltd.,  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Hikal Ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Interlink Petroleum Ltd.  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Indokem Ltd  08/02/2011 Quarterly Results
PCS Technology Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Hind Rectifiers Ltd.,  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results & inter alia, to consider the following Agenda: To discuss the General Working of the Company.
ORBIT CORPORATION LIMITED  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
NCC Finance Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
N.R.Agarwal Industries Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
McDowell Holdings Limited  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
MAN INFRACONSTRUCTION LIMITED  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Nouveau Multimedia Ltd  09/02/2011 Stock Split to consider the stock split of equity shares of the Company.
Tecpro Systems Ltd  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
California Software Co. Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Kalyani Forge Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
KRBL Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Ram Ratna Wires Ltd.  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd.,  09/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Prakash Industries Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Nuchem Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Nexxoft Infotel Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Nelco Ltd  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
CESC Limited,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
National General Industries Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Moser-Baer (India) Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Monnet Industries Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
GeeCee Ventures Limited  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
SPS International Ltd  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Western India Shipyard Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Lloyds Metals & Engineers Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Almondz Global Securities Limited  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Valecha Engineering Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Super Tannery Limited  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
SUJANA TOWERS LIMITED  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Starcom Information Technology Ltd  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Kesoram Industries Ltd  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Solvay Pharma India Ltd.  10/02/2011 Dividend
SoftSol India Limited.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sita Shree Food Products Ltd  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Shrenuj & Co. Ltd.  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Agarwal Holdings Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
J.J. Finance Corporation Ltd.,  10/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Polylink Polymers (india) Ltd.  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Citurgia Biochemicals Ltd.,  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Orissa Sponge Iron And Steel Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Cinevistaas Ltd.  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.,  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
Bajaj Corp Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
MPS Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Modison Metals Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Carol Info Services Ltd.  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Midfield Industries Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
MBL INFRASTRUCTURES LIMITED  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Ledo Tea Co. Ltd.,  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.,  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Swan Mills Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Kiri Dyes and Chemicals Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd.  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results for the quarter ended 31st December, 2010 & Audited Results for the year ended 30th September, 2010
Almondz Capital & Management Services Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd.  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Investment & Precision Castings Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Ramky Infrastructure Limited  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results
PTL Enterprises Ltd  11/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
BF Investment Limited  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Oscar Global Ltd  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Himatsingka Seide Ltd.,  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
AISHWARYA TELECOM LIMITED  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Nila Infrastructures Ltd  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Gulshan Polyols Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Anil Special Steel Industries Ltd  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
GIVO Limited,  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Atco Corporation Ltd  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Vintage Securities Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Vegepro Foods & Feeds Ltd.,  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sun Granite Exports Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sujana Metal Products Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Bheema Cements Limited  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sambhaav Media Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Salzer Electronics Ltd.,  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Ras Resorts & Apart Hotels Ltd.,  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Prime Securities Ltd.  12/02/2011 Quarterly Results (Revised)
OM Metals Infraprojects Ltd  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Glance Finance Ltd.  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
B & A Ltd.  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Modern Steels Limited  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Modern Malleables Limited  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Modern Dairies Ltd.  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Diamond Power Infrastructure Limited  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Keerthi Industries Ltd  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd.  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Jai Balaji Industries Limited  14/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Nutraplus Products (India) ltd.  15/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Archidply Industries Limited  15/02/2011 Quarterly Results
Vesuvius India Ltd.  25/02/2011 Audited Results

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