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Book Review
Passport to babudom
SOMEONE landing a million- dollar job will rarely invite great public attention in our country. But the fact that a young girl from Karnataka has topped the civil service examination this year is big news and that too over several days. Such an achieveme nt transcends the candidates immediate family. The college where she studied and the state to which she belongs -- all glow in reflected glory of a special kind.

Trading tips
THE book is an attempt at explaining a theory -- how to go about entering and then growing in foreign markets. The book examines cases of foreign companies that export into India, do business in India and Indian companies that do business overseas or exp ort overseas. The authors are professors at one of the Indian Institutes of Management and have relied on their students to collect literature from the business press of India to research the case studies mentioned in the book

Is it a question of merit?
THE Indian ethos has deeply ingrained value systems on the issue of merit and intelligence as epitomised in the mythological tale of Markandeya whose parents when asked to choose between a hundred sons of average mental ability with longevity of life and one brilliant son who would live up to only sixteen years of age, chose the latter.

The Seven Steps to Nirvana
IN the world of e-business, `e' is just the means,`business' is the end. The fundamentals of business have not changed. Firms still win by creating superior value for their customers and by building superior business architect ures. This book, tested before thousands of executives, whose collective insights helped shape its content, offers a systematic road map for converting large, established companies into fierce, twenty-first-century competitors.

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