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Advertising & Marketing

The polished choice
A famous fashion maven famously said, when asked what shoes will be worn after the millennium, ``a good hat, a good pair of shoes, a good dress will always be a good hat, a good pair of shoes and a good dress. People will insist on quality, quality, qual ity...''

Consumer Notes
Amend some amendments
The Government has placed before the Rajya Sabha, the suggested amendments to the Consumer Protection Act. These amendments have raised a storm of protest amongst consumers and activists throughout the country. At the initiative taken by the Consumers' A ssociation of India (CAI) and CAG, Chennai, a workshop was held a few weeks ago to discuss the suggested amendments.


Sales pitch starts at home
TNT India believes in taking a marketing route when introducing a new concept to its employees. So does Birla 3M, LG Electronics, Pizza Corner,...

Tips to sell
The goal of internal marketing is to encourage effective marketing behaviour and according to Dr R.V. Jayathirtha, Director, Bulls' Eye Consulting Group, a Bangalore-based management consultancy firm, ``a knowledgeable employee is a company's best market ing agent.''


Wishing Bonn environment
This week the Sixth Conference of Parties (COP-6) to the Climate Change Convention will begin at Bonn, Germany. Environment ministers from the member countries are expected to restart the negotiations on putting in place the Kyoto Protocol for controllin g the emissions of the greenhouse gases.

Food & Dairy Products

For some Angrezi khana
The British are not known to have not been particularly adventurous with their cuisine. Their long stay in India, however, brought some of their time-honoured favourites to our shores. We bring you three recipes that are as traditional in the British Isl es, as `Dal and Roti' or `Dal and Bhaath' are in India.

Tracks of a trail-blazer
He wanted to serve in the Ramakrishna Mission but the Swamins urged him to become a doctor so he could serve them better. Though he studied at Madras Medical College, Ayurvedic treatment that saved him from tropical sprue fascinated him, only leading to disillusionment with the limited research facilities. Promise of a scholarship from a charity in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh took him to Harvard, after which he blazed a trail of no mean consequence.

A self-help regimen
Holistic health initiatives appear to be the flavour of the moment in Corporate Chennai these days. In the forefront of this realm is Chiron Health Care, one of the city's leading holistic health centres. Chiron Health Care has recently pioneered Fehu In itiations -- a self-help programme that brings its practitioner to an optimal level of harmony and well-being. It is seen as a way for an individual to empower himself or herself in their immediate environments. It addresses three aspects of the practiti oner, namely the spiritual, healing and psychic aspects. There is an inherent fourth aspect to Fehu Initiations, which is the use of mantras to bring on a sense of harmony and health.

Feng Shui and other alternatives
Zenobia Jessewala has a large, sea-facing beach house in Juhu, Mumbai, inherited from her theosophist foster-mother, Jer Jessewala. But it was not an easy task to gain possession of the house. ``I had to fight a battery of builders who wanted this house. I also had personal problems. During this entire phase, one thing that struck me was that unless your mindset is changed, nothing will improve. Healing the mind is more important than anything else,'' she says.

An antidote to stress
With reference to the article `An antidote to stress' published on June 25, 2001, we wish to clarify that Tapovan, a stress management programme, is run by Oriental Travel Wings, Kolkata, and Arindam Banerji is General Manager, Jet Airways.

Why Mary is contrary
How often have you encountered people who suddenly behave in ways completely contrary to the way in which they normally behave? According to Reversal theory, first propounded by M.J. Apter, human beings are inherently inconsistent in their behaviour; and that alternating or reversing between paired metamotivational states forms the basis of human personality and motivation.


When an industry finally gets its own awards, you know it has reached a certain level of maturity. A decade ago, there was no television industry to speak of in India, but last week, when the first-ever Indian Telly Awards were announced, there were more than enough contenders.

Travel & Places

Camp in paradise
If you are young at heart and keen on roughing it out, head for ``The Great Outdoors'' Camp on Kurumgad Island in Karwar district. It is a tortoise-shaped island serenaded by the waters of the Arabian Sea, hardly four km off the mainland. One can get mar ooned on this enchanting island, a la Robinson Crusoe. What makes this island so exclusive is that it is ancestral property, the only one-of-its-kind resort in Karnataka. Now Suresh Mathias, a family member, an enterprising coffee planter, and a chartere d accountant based in Mangalore, manages it.

God's own garden
As a seaside town, Karwar does offer opportunities for the tourist. But the place one should head for is Devbagh, a little island off the coast of Karwar near the confluence of the Kali river with the sea. Devbagh, which literally means God's own Garden, is a 20-minute boat ride from Karwar. The first sight of this isolated stretch of land from the boat makes you feel that you are to spend the next few days in a private island.

Over a cup of Kaffe...
It was a wild winter; the wind made the fires and the lamplight glow all the brighter against the grey skies. The scene was picture-perfect and I was living in a state of exaltation. I couldn't quite believe that I was there. And, as though to put it bey ond question, I often repeated `I'm in Vienna' to myself, when I woke up in the night or as I wandered about the streets, when nothing was flying through the air more solid than snowflakes. Few delights could compare with these wintry days: the snow outs ide, the bare trees outlined by the frost, the muted light, and, indoors, the rooms following each other filled with the spoils, the heirlooms and the dowries of a golden age.

The sound of music
There's more to Vienna than cafes and coffeehouses. Vienna is a city of music. No other city in the world has been home to so many famous composers. And in nearly no other city the musical offer reaches such volume and variety like in Vienna.

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