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``I knew it! I knew one day the humans will put their whole planet on a CD-ROM.''

Information Technology

Treasure hunt
Too often, companies sift mountains of information instead of cracking the kernel of knowledge. Here's an interface with experts on how to internalise data into pearls of practical wisdom and incentivise employees into swallowing them.

Cleaned out, from inside
LAST March the tech-heavy Nasdaq index reached a staggering 5048, prompting venture capitalist John Doerr to claim that we were witnessing ``the greatest ever legal creation of wealth in the history of the world.''

The order changeth
A VENTURE capitalist once drew for me the chart that he said illustrates how he makes investment decisions. It had two curves that looked like supply and demand curves, and he pointed to the point where they intersected. ``That,'' he said ``is the point at which the greed curve overcomes the fear curve, and that is when I invest.''

How aren't you?
YOUR health is no joke, to you and to your near and dear ones. Given the increasing number of people turning to the Internet for finding answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, it's only a matter of time before people in India go to t he Web for health information, and a while later, for services and products.

Your doc in your wallet
INTEROPERABILITY between health card systems is the ability of one health card system to read, use and/or update the data on health cards issued by another health card system. A Health Card System is the sum of the health cards issued and the hardware a nd software used in a particular implementation.

Wisdom of the Os
THERE is urgent need for structured thought to translate planning into action in industry. The detailed survey of the small number of private enterprises adding economic value to the country (Business India February 2000 details the pitiable state) shoul d be a call for immediate action.

Lining up for Linux
AN office in an Indian metropolis with 250 computers, working on pirated software for years, decides to go clean, but in ``affordable stages''. It gets proper licences covering 75 users from the large multinational software company whose pirated software it was all along using.

Unlikely chemistry?
The fate of software projects hinges on the inflation rate. Unbelievable, but demonstrably true.

Cure guilt online
MORE good news seems to be in the offing for NRIs with dependents in India. If the Bangalore-based's strategy goes according to plan, NRIs will be able assuage their guilt over being away and take care of aged parents in India over the Net.

This came to us over the Internet with the caption: ``Are Java programmers returning to India?''

In the words of Dr George Sheehan, ``Sport will not build character; it will do something better. It will make a man free. It has this tremendous potential for self-revelation. What we want to know is who we are, and sport can tell us quickly, painlessly and as surely as any other human activity.''

I have Satyam and VSNL dial-up accounts and have been using Outlook Express 5 for e-mail. I get over 100 junk e-mails daily. I have tried the blocking feature of Outlook Express but without the desired results. Since this feature does not work for IMAP a ccounts (as mentioned in the Blocked Sender's list dialog box), I have tried using VSNL for downloading my e-mail but this does not prevent the junk mail. I would be grateful if you could suggest a solution.

Netting A Catch
This week, we have a collection of applications that enrich your experience on the Web.

1. Who developed HSSI (High-Speed Serial Interface), a DTE/DCE interface?

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