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Friday, February 09, 2001





Millennium's first Budget -- Give farm sector the importance it deserves
AGRICULTURAL development is a sine qua non for effective social and economic transformation in the rural areas and, consequently, a faster economic growth rate.

Investing in people, the US way
WHEN A nation that does not plan for the future or think of bold initiatives is compelled to hold on for dear life, it can happen to an industry too. Many industrial giants in the US have come to appreciate this and started discreetly diversifying into a ctivities that would, hopefully, sustain and ensure them continued success.

WTO and India: Getting facts right
IN A recent article ``What price Alagh Economics'' (Business Line, December 20), Mr Sharad Joshi discussed some `facts' that some of us have been promoting as a base for a realistic backup to our negotiations for the WTO. There is no doubt that Mr Joshi, Chairman of the Official Task Force to build up our strategy for the post-WTO phase, is an important part of the farm scene. But as we are at a critical phase in preparing for the next round of WTO negotiations, it is necessary to get the facts straight .

Smoke signals
THERE IS A curious analogy to be made with the Government's proposed crackdown on tobacco advertising and the ban on smoking in public.

Personal magnetism
HOW WE envy persons endowed with an appeal that instantly predisposes people towards them! That kind of personal magnetism has nothing to do with being well-groomed, personable, beautiful or physically attractive, although it certainly helps. Mahatma Gan dhi was often likened to Micky Mouse, especially by cartoonists. The magic of his name held, and even today holds, the whole of India and the world in thrall.


Quality brew
Sunalini Menon and Renuka Gangadhar have set up the country's first, and only, coffee quality testing laboratory in the country after taking VRS from the Coffee Board.

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