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Wednesday, January 24, 2001






I've tied up with an American dotcom. They liked my expertise in brick and mortar site building and the cheap labour costs.

Information Technology

Colour lasers from Epson
Epson India Pvt Ltd has launched a new range of colour lasers, Epson AcuLasers, in the Indian market. According to the company, AcuLasers are targeted at small and medium enterprises, large corporate houses and medium business segments.

Siemens launches C35i WAP phone
Siemens has unveiled the C35i the ``only WAP-enabled mobile phone offering the highest value for money in the Indian market.'' It includes entertainment features such as ``picture messaging'' and ``calling faces'' games and a ringtone melody composer.

Future-ready Home PCs from HP
Hewlett Packard India has announced a new range of ``future-ready'' HP Pavilion Home PCs. According to the company, the new range is among the first to offer the latest Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology and is also broadband Internet ready, allowing users to leverage broadband technology -- DSL or cable -- as soon as it is made available in India.

Kodak unveils RFS 3600 film scanner
Kodak Professional has introduced the RFS 3600 film scanner which, the company claims, delivers high-quality scans from both negative and positive 35mm film, including black and white.

Going for gold
Be it youngsters fresh out of college or old-timers in the middle of a career, what everybody's looking for is a good break in software. Should you go for it?

Paying thru your mouse!!
EVER since the convenience of shopping online became the talk of the town, your fingers itched to click your purchases into the shopping cart. But it was all you could do to restrain yourself, as nagging doubts crept in to your thoughts over the security and reliable processing of your credit card information. Then you heard that the payment gateway solution providers were the Messiahs to your worries. But who are they and what do they do?

Chilling a piece of hot news
SUDDENLY, it seems like the world of business, and high-tech in particular, is headed down the tubes. There is a wealth of negative sentiment out there, to such an extent that even real good news is overwhelmed by negative perceptions in the market. The market is ``very turbulent'' these days, says a top enterprise software analyst. ``Most people are doing what you would expect them to do in such an environment: Get out and stay out.''

A lease of life
MENTION the word ``biotechnology'' and the average person gets a little nervous and apprehensive because biotechnology is not an easy industry to define with all its ``hocus pocus'' of scientific jargon. Biotechnology is now beginning to hit its stride t o offer new and exciting therapies that no longer just treat a symptom, but can possibly provide long-term therapeutic benefits and maybe some day a cure for some diseases.

Conveying a belt lesson
ADAM Smith irrevocably revolutionised and changed our approach to work with his principle of division of labour. His classic example of the advantages of specialisation in the making of a pin continues to be quoted even today and the underlying principle is the premise of organisation structures designed on functional lines.

Selling the e-bazaar
The Internet has transformed the way companies go about their business. In 2000, the total value of B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce was estimated at $210 billion, accounting for over 78 per cent of all e-commerce transactions. By 2004, the figure i s projected to increase to $2.2 trillion, accounting for 88 per cent of all e-commerce transactions.

Module melody
IF THE 1960s saw assembly coding, the 1970s and 1980s saw the procedural approach to software development. The 1990s tended towards object-oriented programming and the new millennium is going a step ahead to bring in componentware orientation.

Chanelling change
MUKESH Gupta runs a fairly successful law firm in Mumbai. He employs around 12 people. Around a year ago, he bought PCs for his staff, networked the machines and attempted to quicken the pace of work and increase efficiency. The objectives were largely m et, but not without hassles.

If you are the kind that spends enough and more time banging away at the keyboard, you might like to take advantage of some keyboard shortcuts.

Eye 4 I
RinkWorks is an ever-growing collection of features that will keep you in splits for hours. There are several sections devoted to, among others, movies, humour, puzzles and hobbies.

Cyber Quest
1. What did Rod Canion, Bill Murto and Jim Harris found in 1982?

Netting a Catch
Screen capture tools, which create a picture of the desired screen in a particular format, are available dime a dozen on the Internet.

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