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Wednesday, October 25, 2000






``I miss the thrill and action of doing an off-line search.''

Information Technology

Listless in Dalal Street
Reverse entry into the capital markets by software companies is rousing suspicions while allowing benefits to the acquiring entity. As a prospective employee or a retail investor, should you worry?

`Fair disclosure' not to affect brokers
THERE is a revolution afoot in Wall Street sparked by technological developments, the implications of which will be felt first by the investor community in the US, with ripples likely to spread worldwide.

Pulsing together
The healthcare industry has yet to fix data standards. It is more a question of standards for various uses than that of an overlap.

Keys to unlocking an e-strategy
IN the hierarchy of the organisational business model, `e-strategy' must figure at the highest level.

Taxing questions
The question that needs to be answered is whether e-commerce would really erode the tax base for countries.

Fat savings from thin clients
Meet Balaji, a bright, 12-year-old, studying in a prestigious English medium school. Recently, Balaji came to fame. But, for the wrong reasons. He wrote and introduced a powerful virus into the school's computer network, bringing the system to a grinding halt.

Subscribing to the ASP view
The ASP market is set to zoom from $10 billion to $48.5 billion in 2003.

Protect data; save businesses
All network users must understand the importance for data back-up and identify the information that needs to be protected.

Eye 4 I
ARE you curious to know how tall Abraham Lincoln was or when World War II actually ended? Do you want details for your history assignment? Check this out. It is called the It is one Web site which every history lover would want to visit .

3. Simple. Which computer company's advertisement features GM Viswanathan Anand?

Haul in the best
THE Net has a great deal to offer, you just have to look hard and get the best. This week, we feature utilities that go a long way in enhancing your Internet experience. Of course, all are available on the Net, free of cost.

Anonymous File Transfer Protocol is a service offered by Internet hosts. This service is used to transfer documents, files and programs. The user logs in under the user name ``ftp'' or ``anonymous'' and the user's e-mail address is used as the password. The user gets access to a special directory hierarchy. Users have access to the sub-directory ``pub''.

What, no Start button and no Taskbar? Maybe you are viewing Full-screen MS-DOS mode. You can get the Start menu and the Taskbar back in view by pressing Ctrl+Esc. Now you have a standard Windows 95 desktop display. The MS-DOS session is still active. Get back to it by pressing Alt+Tab or by clicking on the MS-DOS choice on the Taskbar.

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