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Wednesday, October 25, 2000





The `Anti-Kisan' trap
Indian agriculture stands devastated through successive decades of ruthless exploitation and neglect -- first, by the British rulers and then by the rulers of independent India. Lands have lost fertility, groundwater table is sinking lower and lower, cap ital has eroded, infrastructure is in a dilapidated conditions. Agriculture in India would need a thorough reconstruction if it has to become eligible to be a part of the world agrarian community, says Sharad Joshi.

Machiavelli and modern business
MANAGEMENT literature draws inspiration from the third century teachings of Kautilya. A US consultancy that trains CEOs worldwide, draws lessons from the Mahatma. Now Alistair McAlpine studies Machiavelli for modern business.

Skimming the surface
IF INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY markets are known to change with kaleidoscopic rapidity, world trade in milk and dairy products can be no exception. For a country that imported milk powder last fiscal, India now finds itself in a position to export skimmed mi lk powder, thanks to the significant changes in the global market conditions for dairy products.

Corporate Hospitals
CORPORATE hospitals in India, barring a few, are reported to be doing poorly as business propositions. Some, started with a lot of fanfare by NRI groups, have fallen by the wayside.

The urge to merge
THE task force on Defence management set up in the wake of the Kargil Committee report has recommended that the Defence (Applied) Research and Production should be merged. This is a long overdue reform. The Rajadhyaksha Committee, which analysed delays i n Defence R&D projects two decades ago, had recommended involvement of R&D, production and user throughout the lifecycle of a new product from cradle to grave with a system of shifting leadership from R&D to production and to the user. This was not heede d.

Can UN heal bleeding West Asia?
IF United Nations peacekeeping forces can be sent to Congo and Cambodia, Somalia and Serbia, why can they not be sent to the Jordanian territory of the West Bank which has been under Israeli occupation since the Yom Kippur war, and where a vicious civil war is raging? It would be the only way of protecting the Palestinians, saving some shreds of the tattered peace process and restoring the world body's credentials as an honest broker.

Pak getting lost in Kashmir Valley
WHILE the Palestinian President, Mr. Yasser Arafat, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak, seem to have flung out of the window all the laboured peace sessions and are now talking the language of war, our very own neighbour Pakistan continues it s shrill pitch of the jehad variety.

Purifying oil, the cost-effective way
IMPURE oil used to run vehicles could cause damage to the engine and indirectly pollute the air. With the increasing number of vehicles on the country's roads and far too few measures to introduce quality oil, the problems could, indeed, be severe, and t he fallout disastrous.

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