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Monday, October 23, 2000





Consumer Notes
Price indices sans meaning
I am no economist or financial expert... I am, as the good professor says in the film `My Fair Lady', ``an ordinary man''.


`I won't be tied to a clock any more...'
It's an emphatic `No' to English classics... like Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy. ``I'm sorry to disappoint you. I've never read classics and I think it's too late in my life to begin now.''

The secret of flying high
Why are the Olympics such a draw, with most of the planet (except India) watching them live? The vast majority of us will never be in the Olympic league as far as sport is concerned. And, yet, why do we celebrate with the winners and agonise with the los ers?


Rejoice in the glow
Some of my students are faced with a dilemma -- literally. As they lose fat on their tummy, thighs and hips, they lose fat on their face too. And their friends' compliments get diluted with, ``But, your face looks so gaunt!'' The difference: where they s ee `gaunt', I see `well-defined'.

Information Technology

Learning in appetising bytes
Radhika Anand, promoter of, was earlier worried about the impact of her husband's frequent job-transfers on her sons' education. ``I realised the importance of having access to information about schools, their curriculums, application deadli nes and extra-curricular activity sitting in places far away from Delhi. This gave me the idea to offer such a resource on''

The golden years
Women make great marketing sense, and this is one section corporates use every opportunity to woo. So last week, on World Menopause Day (October 18), the focus was on the forty-plus woman. For `her' exclusively was launched a Web site -- -- that would give her access to doctors and confidantes who would answer all those questions that crowd her mind once she crosses forty-five and enters, what they kept describing as, `the golden years.'

Watch out for the festivity
The action always hots up as the festive season gets underway. Overseas visitors, trade fairs, celebrations of various kinds... October to December is when everything happens, all at once.

Dreaming up shapes
Shivaram Narayanan could be just another kid nextdoor. But for his immense talent for origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.


Sport a pret
August, the India Fashion Week introduced the Capital's city-page celebrities to a new phrase -- pret-a-porter. In September, the association with the French phrase further deepened. Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani, the Mumbai couturiers feted both in India and abroad for their extravagant and romantic ensembles, made pret the focal point of their latest boutique in New Delhi.

Travel & Places

Ale and arty...
What does Munich spell without its beer gardens? That's what I set out to find in this teeming Bavarian city, known for its foaming and frothing Oktoberfest. The results were astounding. I came upon a poignant love-story that cut a swathe through the fam ed Blue Rider art movement. I came across a museum that was as individualistic as its proprietor. I came across local Bavarian humour that made me smile.

King for a day
The fort in Bambora, a small picturesque village in Rajasthan, was in a derelict state when it came up for sale in 1995. Thakur Sundar Singh and his wife, Chanda Kanwar, decided to buy as they foresaw immense possibilities for a resort.

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