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Thursday, November 18, 1999

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Brand Quest

I. God is in Numbers

Are you one of the marketing guys who goes for a snooze during a market research presentation? If so this section is not for you ! It's time for some number crunching. (4pts each)
  1. In 1971, he decided to create small-scale mail surveys that would focus on automobiles. Today his firm is well-known for its various satisfaction surveys mainly in the automobile industry world-over. Name this famous person (after whom his firm is also named)

  2. Which consumer durable firm is amidst a long-drawn controversy over the Retail Audit survey of ORG-GFK for the television industry in India?

  3. What is a 'Syndicated Research' ?

  4. In Marketing research, what is the procedure used to quantify the value that people associate with different levels of product/service attributes called ?

  5. Nielsen was the world's largest market research firm, until taken over by a large firm known for its databases and rating services. Name the firm, which now owns Nielsen.

II. Baseline Play

Bill Bernbach once said, "Nobody counts the number of ads you run ; they just remember the impressions you make". Come festive season, and it is sales promotion galore - with marketers rushing to brand their offers too, this time around. How successful were they ? Match these branded offers with the brand name. (1 pt each)

    1.  'Dil Se offer'                                a.   Allwyn
    2.  'Seetee bajao saalon saal offer'              b.  BPL
    3.  'famili 2000 offer'                           c.  Godrej
    4.  'The Great Win Win offer'                     d.  Samsung
    5.  'Mega Millennium offer'                       e.  Daewoo

III. Copy Test

Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline for the brand .Identify the brand. (3 pts each)

  1. 'All Economy class passengers can take their seats now. First class travellers are requested to wait a little longer'

  2. 'Colours you've never seen. Sound you've never heard'

  3. 'Don't get over-excited and lose your 'Hosh' in 'Josh'

  4. 'For the joy of cooking'

  5. 'Times change but legends endure'

IV. Take Your Pick

Select the right answer. (2 pts each)

  1. Which famous businessman was recently ranked by the Fortune magazine as the 'Businessman of the Century' ?
    1. Bill Gates
    2. Henry Ford
    3. J.P. Morgan
    4. Rupert Murdoch
  2. Name the Frenchman who pioneered the throwaway culture with products of eponymous brandname starting with disposable ball point pens, cigarette lighters and razors ?
    1. Bic
    2. Schick
    3. Braun
    4. Gillette
  3. Which organisation derives its name from the coffee shop in London, which was a meeting point for the people related to the trade in the late 18th Century?
    1. Barings Bank
    2. Shell
    3. Lloyds
    4. Reuters
  4. Reader's Digest presents annual awards in excellence for print advertising. What are these awards called ?
    1. Pegasus
    2. Lion's
    3. Arcadia
    4. Reader's Delight
  5. In the logo of which Indian bank would you find the picture of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi ?
    1. Bank of Maharashtra
    2. Canara Bank
    3. Dena Bank
    4. Syndicate Bank

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