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Brand Quest      (July 14, 2005)

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  1. In the late 1960s, Kim Woo Choong founded this company, and gave it a name that was a combination of the local words for 'big' and 'universe.' Can you name the company?

  2. Connect the name for a breed of cattle, named for its most defining feature, formerly bred mainly in Southwest US and the codename for Microsoft Windows' new avatar?

  3. Thomas L. Friedman had this to say in an online interview: "What I mean when I say — — — — is that sometime in the late 1990s, a whole set of technologies and political events converged ... that levelled the playing field." The even ts include the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of the Internet, among others. Now, which four words would appropriately fill up the blanks?

  4. Before it became one of the leading players in the market, this company says, it was, "like anything else, a dream ... a dream realised by Mr Ramachandra N. Galla, an NRI who incorporated the company in 1985." Which is it?

  5. Last year, it bought FleetBoston Financial Corp for $48 billion. Only recently it signed a deal to buy 9 per cent of China Construction Bank, which was followed by its acquisition of credit card firm MBNA. Which big banking firm are we referring to?

  6. When we refer to WTO negotiations on NAMA, what do we mean by NAMA?

  7. In the context of online advertising, what is a click fraud?

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