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Brand Quest      (May 05, 2005)

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  1. In 1906, Ammembal Subba Rao Pai founded this organisation as the ... Bank Hindu Permanent Fund. Fill up the blank. (Some more details: the organisation has a bi-monthly, bi-lingual house journal called Shreyas, and has on its rolls sportsmen suc h as Venkatesh Prasad and Vimal Kumar.)

  2. The following is part of Bono's foreword to this book: "His voice is louder than any electric guitar, heavier than heavy metal. He is not just animated; he's angry. Because he knows that a lot of the crisis in the developing world can be avoided." Can you name the author and the book, which talks about putting an end to poverty?

  3. After years of delivering speeches about a scandal and his survival of colon cancer, he has landed his first regular job in 10 years — as commercial manager of Ireland's Galway United Football Club. Who's he?

  4. RECC: Reva; Adam Motors:....?

  5. It was started in 1887 as the Clinton Pharmaceutical Company, when its partners, McLaren Bristol and John Ripley Myers, got it officially incorporated. In 1898, the company got a new name, with the founders' names becoming part of it. After Myers' deat h in 1899, when the company became a corporation, its name underwent a further change. How was it known before and after Myers' death?

  6. Easy! ‘India's Online Marketplace' is now ...?

  7. Which is said to be the world's biggest mobile phone company by users?

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