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Brand Quest      (February 17, 2005)

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  1. Rodolfo, a train driver, and his wife Carolina Losi had seven sons. Carlo was the eldest, and was followed by Bindo and Alfieri, who died within a few months of his birth. The next son was given the name Alfieri. Mario, Ettore and Ernesto followed. The brothers, except for Mario, were engaged in engineering, design and construction of cars. Mario was a painter and is supposed to have invented the company's trademark — the trident. Which brand are we referring to?

  2. The letters 'T' and 'G' will shortly lose their present meaning to traders on the New York Stock Exchange. What do they stand for?

  3. Apple, Google, IKEA, Starbucks and ... Which was ranked the fifth most influential global brand by a survey released recently? (Clue: a media brand)

  4. Easy! It's considered a 'rasayana'; the first documented formula for making it is found in Charak Samhita, sage Charak's treatise. The original formulation was, however, created by another sage. What's this product, which today represents a near ly Rs 300-crore market?

  5. Sitter! Which company has the base line 'The Magic of Crystal'?

  6. Nguyen Diem, Director of Vietnam-based Danang Export Import Processing Corporation, has offered a novel insurance scheme. What's it?

  7. It was called 'China's Flourishing Period,' made of 500 gm of gold and cost $8,100. It was made to celebrate the achievements of the last 10 sessions of China's top legislative body. What is 'it'?

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