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Brand Quest      (February 10, 2005)

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  1. A question on a current event, to start with. An Economist headline ran 'A marriage made in heaven ... and in the bathroom.' What was it referring to?

  2. On Gandhiji's invitation, Narandas Desai left India for South Africa, where he bought a tea estate. Over two decades later, in 1915, racial discrimination there forced him to leave for India. Apart from a few belongings, he also brought with him a cert ificate of merit from Gandhiji. Desai set up the Gujarat Tea Depot, and the group is now known by a name, which, according to the company, sums up its belief: "Of co-existence and harmony. Of the strong and the meek. Of ..." Can you name the group?

  3. In 2001, the name of this group was changed from Holderbank Financière Glaris Ltd to ...? (A topical question!)

  4. Deutsche Bank, Kuwait and Dubai. They are the top three shareholders, in that order, of which auto company?

  5. An interesting debate is doing the rounds. It's about what this name, part of two trademark filings, means. Some say it's a reference to a "dual-core" Pentium 5 whereas many others suggest it simply indicates a 64-bit technology. But in the latter case , the name should have been LXIV. So, what name forms part of two terms that Intel has filed as US trademarks recently?

  6. The betting and gaming division of the Hilton Group, the major international hotel brand, is ...?

  7. Guessable! This autonomous Indian body's base line reads 'Brewing a Strong Success Story.' Which is it?

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