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Brand Quest      (October 14, 2004)

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What's behind the abbreviations of many famous companies — that's going to be the theme for this week's quiz.

  1. An easy one to start with! ABN Bank and Amro Bank merged in 1991. ABN stands for Algemene Bank Nederland. Amro Bank was created in 1964 by the merger of two banks, which were named after cities. Could you work out the names?

  2. William Morris started off in the 1890s as a cycle mechanic and later graduated to the motor trade. By 1910, he was into car dealership. The name of his firm forms part of a car manufacturer's group name, which has the motto "Live it. Life's too short not to." Which is the group?

  3. George Batten joined Alex Osborn, Roy Durstine and Bruce Barton to form what in 1928?

  4. The M. P. Birla group has been in the news, courtesy the will of Priyamvada Birla, widow of M. P. Birla, who headed the group. What do the initials of the group stand for?

  5. Maatschappij Koninklijke Luchtvaart! A jumbled brand name. Put it in order and figure out what it is?

  6. In 1870, William Barclay Peat was founded in London. James Marwick and Roger Mitchell started Marwick, Mitchell & Co in New York in 1897. Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co was founded by Piet Klynveld in Amsterdam in 1917. Reinhard Goerdeler headed Deutsche Tre uhand-Gesellschaft for many years. How are they known today?

  7. What do the letters E, I and D in EID Parry stand for?

  8. A sitter! The letter B in textile manufacturer BSL stands for which place in Rajasthan?

  9. Founded by Friedrich Engelhorn in 1865, this company immediately gained a foothold in the dyes market. Its first products were aniline dyes. The company is now famous as an abbreviation, and its second letter is a shortened and slightly altered form of the word aniline. Can you name the organisation, whose base line is 'The Chemical Company'?

  10. Robert Lynn, Larry Hillblom along with one more person started a service between San Francisco and Honolulu in 1969. Which is the missing name, and what did they start?

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