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Brand Quest      (July 01, 2004)

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  1. In 1974, this achievers' club wanted to further recognise the top performers, and admit them to the highest tier. A panel suggested a series of names for that tier: Vanguards in Production, Summit Leaders, The Centurions, The Camelot Club, Honor Table, President's Circle. Which name was adopted finally?

  2. What is common to the terms 'Privatisation,' 'Knowledge workers' and 'Management by Objective'?

  3. In 1947, Frances Gerety, a young copywriter at N. W. Ayer in New York, coined an enduring slogan that became so famous that it was voted the top advertising line of the century by Advertising Age in 1999. What was it?

  4. Streets, an ice-cream maker, recently introduced the controversial booze-flavoured 'Illicit Vodka Cranberry Magnum,' which contains vodka and cranberry flavour. It has stirred up fears that the new ice-cream will promote alcohol among children. Now, wh at does the company call this new range of ice-creams?

  5. In the fifty years of its existence, only one or the other of these three companies have topped the Fortune 500 list. Can you name them?

  6. One of its kind in India, the project to make this automobile, before getting its current name, was initially called Maini Amerigon. What does the company make?

  7. Samurais are professional warriors belonging to the Japanese feudal military aristocracy. But what are Samurai bonds?

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