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Brand Quest      (June 24, 2004)

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  1. He started working as a part-time crewmember at the organisation's Kingsford restaurant in Sydney at the age of 15. He became Australia's youngest store manager at 19, Vice-President at 27, and a member of the Australian board of directors by 29. Which organisation appointed this 43-year-old as its head recently?

  2. In a decision that ended the Saluces dynasty's over 200-year control of this company recently, it was decided to lower the compulsory retirement age from 75 to 70, which forced its 70-year-old President Alexandre de Lur Saluces to pave the way for Pier re Lurton of Chateau Cheval-Blanc. LVMH, which got a 55 per cent share in the company in 1996, courtesy a family feud, now controls the organisation. Which is the company?

  3. Tragedies have always plagued his family. His father died in a plane crash in 1935, his mother in a car accident only a few years later. His son, who was groomed to take over leadership of the company, died in 1997 at the age of 33 from cancer. His bro ther's son committed suicide in 2000, and his brother died last year, after which he led the company till hisdeath recently. Can you name him and the company?

  4. This retail chain said its chairman chose to quit because of a pledge he gave his friend Paul Louis Halley, who died in an air crash, and his friendship with the Halley family, as also a need to take a larger role in Carrefour. The Halley family is one of the biggest shareholders in Carrefour. Who's he?

  5. There was criticism that he did little to earn his pay of roughly $10 million that he was given last year. Critics said perhaps he was compensated for having enabled the merger of AT&T Broadband, which he headed, and the company that he eventually led as non-executive chairman before retiring recently. The company was also in the news for initiating a high-profile takeover bid which failed. Can you name the person and the company?

  6. Barely a month after the centenary year celebrations of a legendary meeting between two persons that eventually led to the establishment of what was then a truly British company, the six-member board was left with only one British member — Sir Ral ph Robins. Then, the CEO and Chairman Tony Gott quite unexpectedly resigned and paved the way for German Karl Heinz Kalbfell to take over. Which is the company?

  7. It was reported that potential candidates for the top job at this multinational company included James Kilts, CEO of Gillette, who had the backing of Warren Buffet, Kerry Clary, Vice-Chairman of P&G, Robert Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot, and Steve Heyer, an insider. Who got the nod eventually, and which company are we referring to? (Clue: Steve Heyer, who was passed over for the CEO's post, has decided to resign)

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