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Brand Quest      (May 13, 2004)

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  1. Recently, an Indian property group saved Nauru from bankruptcy. It agreed to pay off the $172 million that the country owes to General Electric Capital in return for the right to manage a number of properties owned by Nauru. Which is this group?

  2. It was part of the US Trade Act in the '90s, and gave power to US trade representatives to investigate the trading practices of a country. This was to ascertain if they were granting fair and open access to US exporters. Countries that failed this inve stigation were potentially subject to huge penalties. What's the term? (John Kerry wants this facility to be re-instated.)

  3. Sitter! Which company's motto is: 'Don't Be Evil.'

  4. This company has its origins in the Waterbury Clock Company, which was founded in 1854. How do we know it today?

  5. It's a term in marketing which is sometimes used as a euphemism for mass media marketing; it describes a situation where marketing is done through the expensive mass media, and the marketer believes that by taking this route he will get a mass of inter ested customers. What's the term?

  6. According to a report, this person spent much of his childhood among cartoonists who sketched scenes for Pinocchio and Fantasia; he also says he was the model for the character Goofy. His family's investment vehicle is called Shamrock Holdings. Who is being referred to here?

  7. Easy! Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation's book publishing division is called what? To give you a clue, the company was founded by brothers James and John in 1817, and an earlier avatar of the existing organisation was bought by News Corp in 1987.

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