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Brand Quest      (April 22, 2004)

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  1. An easy one to start with! Sildenafil citrate is the other name for which blockbuster brand?

  2. This company, which is in the business of enabling mobile communication via satellites, is the exclusive global partner of the World Rally Championship. Can you name it?

  3. It's called Celebdaq, an online market where you can 'buy' and 'sell' (not with real cash) shares in listed celebrities; every week, there will be a dividend payout (again, not real), depending on how much press coverage the celebrities(whom you hold a s shares) receive. Which media house runs Celebdaq?

  4. Among the anti-American colas that have their origins in West Asia is this Iran-based drink. The company, according to a report, was founded in 1954 but became well established only after the Iranian Government banned Pepsi, after the revolution of 197 9. The name for the cola comes from the name of a holy spring in Mecca. What's it called?

  5. Which organisation claims to have invented the 'rava idli'?

  6. Dollar-denominated bonds sold in the US by foreign governments or corporations are called what?

  7. Fifteen bedrooms, honeycoloured stone, square towers, battlements, an underground car park with space for 20 cars, gem-encrusted marble pillars surrounding a basement swimming pool, and 65 CCTV cameras. Which property are we referring to?

  8. Whose search engine is called A9?

  9. To what name did the Electronic Consortium Private Ltd change to in 1992?

  10. Karl Elsener initially named his company after his mother. Later, when stainless steel was introduced in his factory, the term used as the international designation for stainless steel was added to the company's name. How do we better know this Swiss company?

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