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Brand Quest      (April 15, 2004)

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  1. She became India's first brew master, after specialising in malting and brewing technology from the Ballarat College, Melbourne. Who's she?

  2. A topical one. This company was started in 1943 on the money gifted to the founder by his father upon his success in studies. The company originally sold pens, wallets, picture frames and jewellery cheap. Its name is the acronym of the founder's initia ls, as well as the farm and village where he grew up. Can you name this Swedish company?

  3. The RBI says such a practice may not violate banking laws in letter but breaches them in spirit. An example: A bank lends money to an organisation to pay off a loan that it took from another bank. Result, the loan account for the second bank is prevent ed from going bad. This bank, then, can extend a similar loan to a company that has not been able to repay loans from the first bank. What's the practice called?

  4. This is easy! The sale of what was enabled by Nimrod, Dix and Noonan on September 19, 2003 for a price estimated between £1,50,000 and £2,00,000?

  5. His pessimistic views played a big part in economics being called a 'dismal science.' In 1805, he was appointed professor of history and political economy at the East India Company's college in Haileybury, Hertfordshire, thus becoming possibly the worl d's first professor in political economy. Can you name him?

  6. Simple again! The term for the numeral representing 'one followed by 100 zeros' was coined by American mathematician Edward Kasner's nineyear- old nephew Milton Sirotta in 1938. Which often sought after name is derived from the term?

  7. This type of marketing facilitates and encourages customers to pass along a marketing message. What is it called?

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