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Brand Quest      (March 18, 2004)

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  1. He was forced to quit the top job after his company alleged that some of the payments he received while in office were unauthorised. For the same reason, he is currently being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Another controversy involved the millions of dollars of company money that he spent in buying letters and artefacts of this leader about whom he recently wrote a book. Can you name this Canadian-born media mogul, the company which he headed until recently, as also the leade r about whom he has written a book?

  2. Launched in 1939, this brand started getting advertised, predominantly through print campaigns, in the '80s. Its television ad — "Dadaji commercial" — was launched in the late '80s. In 1997, the brand sponsored the tele-serial Shak timaan, which was a huge hit with the kids. "The personality of the superhero matched the overall superb benefits of the brand," says the company. Which is the brand?

  3. DirectGroup is this media house's book and music clubs division; Random House is into book publishing; the RTL group is a broadcasting and production unit; Gruner + Jahr is the company's magazines wing while arvato is a media services firm. The company also has a famous music division. Which media behemoth are we referring to?

  4. Hindustan Inks & Resins has recently rechristened itself — —, adopting the name of its US-based arm. Can you name it?

  5. This infamous immunologistturned- entrepreneur, who is now on a long jail term for a fraud, had this to say about what he had done: "What happened was that I did something very, very stupid. I told my daughter to sell her shares ... thinking that the price was about to go down ... I had millions of shares at that time. And transferred those shares to Alisa (his daughter) thinking that if she sold them that was okay, I wasn't doing the selling." Who is he?

  6. Germany's President Johannes Rau is due to retire in May. His likely successor, who was formally nominated by Opposition parties, accepted the nomination by quitting as the President of an international finance organisation. Can you name him and the or ganisation which he till recently served?

  7. Whose economic law can be simply stated as: 'Supply creates its own demand'?

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