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Brand Quest      (October 30, 2003)

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  1. GE has recently announced that it will acquire a UK-based company -- a major player in medical diagnostics and life sciences. Which is it?

  2. An investment strategy, this involves rapid buying and selling in the shares of a mutual fund (usually, one with international holdings). This is enabled by the anticipation of market movements and the existence of time differences. Though not illegal, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the role of some mutual funds in enabling select customers to profit from this practice. Can you name it?

  3. This is a sitter! Whose baseline is 'The Document Company'?

  4. P. Ramesh, who earlier headed Applause, the entertainment arm of the AV Birla group, is the new Chief Executive Officer of an entertainment company in its second avatar. Which's it?

  5. Setting up shop in India only recently, this company began on a defensive note amid protests. On criticism that its entry would hurt layers of businesses, it was quoted as saying, "We are not here to eliminate any segments of business. We are here to p rovide a much better and efficient supply chain mechanism to the distribution process through our operations." Can you name the company?

  6. Complete the line: "-- --. The watch of your life." (Hint: This company has worked closely with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and has even created film- based special editions.)

  7. The name of the Chief Executive of the top carmaker sounds similar to a Suzuki car model. Can you name both?

  8. According to a recent survey, for every 10,000 people in manufacturing, Germany has 135 of these, Italy has 109, France 67, Spain 66, US 58 and UK 36. What are these?

  9. Now, 'connect' a pioneering effort with a commercial success: A 1923 British committee recommended the merger of existing airline companies into one. Thus was born Imperial Airways Ltd. In 1925, it became the first airliner to screen an in-flight movie . This movie, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, shares its name with the sequel of one of the most successful books of the ’90s. The book and its sequel were subsequently made into blockbuster movies. What's the title that they share?

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