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Brand Quest      (September 04, 2003)

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  1. Which Tag Heuer watch brand, whose name is a combination of the words ‘automobile' and 'aviation', was developed in 1933?

  2. CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access. What does W in W-CDMA stand for?

  3. Which bank was registered in 1921 as 'The Nadar Bank Ltd'?

  4. Son of a district judge, he wanted to take up business -- something virtually unheard of in his clan. Toward his aim, he joined Doraiswamy Iyengar, who managed an indenting firm that represented the Lever brothers. He sold soaps door-to-door, and is co nsidered to be instrumental in popularising the Sunlight brand in the South. He was awarded the agency after Iyengar died in the late 1920s. He set up his own company during that time. Can you name him?

  5. What's the common name for the Government National Mortgage Association in the US?

  6. What's the name of the biscuit brand of Surya Food & Agro Ltd?

  7. This is workable! Derived from the Rig Veda, 'Yogakshema' is the name of the corporate headquarters of which public sector behemoth?

  8. Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company Ltd was incorporated in 1895 and made telephones, wind-up gramophones, and street call boxes for police and fire departments. How is it known today?

  9. A fall in prices means deflation. But what's the term for a slower increase in prices, or in other words a fall in the inflation rate?

  10. Which Tata group affiliate's subsidiary is Tata Coffee?

  11. Staying with beverages ... what's the name of the tea company founded by Sri Lankan Merrill J. Fernando?

  12. He is an engineer. "He is about thirty, and works at an undisclosed high-tech company in Northern California. He lives with his dog,…, who bears a striking resemblance to him (including glasses and the ability to speak)." Whose description?

  13. Which Ford arm is a major car rental company?

  14. Which mutual fund ad goes thus: "You've made three kinds of investments to meet your needs. 1. Fixed deposit 2. Fixed deposit 3. Fixed deposit?"

  15. Who, along with Art Linkletter and Robert Cummings, hosted a special ABC live programme when Disney inaugurated its theme park in California in 1955?

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