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Brand Quest      (May 22, 2003)

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I. Marketing Quotient

  1. Arthur C. Clarke has time and again insisted that the computer, HAL, in his science fiction 2001: A Space Odyssey stands for Heuristically-programmed Algorithmic computer. But there is also a view that HAL was so named, in order to indicate that the technology was one step ahead of a certain company (a view which was rejected by Clarke). Name it.

  2. His first assignment for his school paper, The Brown and White, was an interview with a professor who designed a car that ran on charcoal. He also tried to enlist in the army during World War II but was rejected as he had suffered from rheumatic fever as a child. He later pursued engineering at Leigh University and a master's at Princeton, where he won the Wallace Memorial Fellowship. Whom are we referring to?

  3. As people's income increases with inflation, they are pushed into higher tax brackets - which implies there would be no increase in real purchasing power but the tax payable would rise. What's the term for such a phenomenon?

  4. It's an NTT arm and it means 'anywhere' in Japanese. Name it.

  5. CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access; what's TDMA?

  6. RECC, a joint venture between the Bangalore-based Maini group and AEVT Inc of Irvindale, California, produces what?

  7. Complete the sequence: 'I am the sun'; 'I am the rain'; 'I am the smile'; 'I am your prayer'; 'I am -'.

  8. In US telephone jargon, 'cramming' means billing the customer for services which he hasn't asked for. What is the term for shifting the subscriber's service to another carrier without his knowledge or consent?

  9. 'We publish today (September 18, 1851) the first issue of the - - - -, and we intend to issue it every morning (Sundays excepted) for an indefinite number of years to come.' Fill up the blanks with the paper's name, as was known then.

  10. 'Capitalist tool' is this magazine's slogan. Which one?

  11. RIL is Reliance Industries Ltd; what's REL?

  12. In 1962, after completing his university education, this person founded a real estate development firm, Edilnord. In 1975, he started Fininvest, a media house that controls Mediaset's three commercial stations. He also owns the banking and insurance gr oup, Mediolanum, in addition to a major publishing house, Mandadori. He is now known to the world in another capacity. Whom are we referring to?

  13. Which Italian eyewear group owns Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut and Bausch & Lomb?

  14. What unique first did the Melbourne based company, The Daily Planet, achieve recently?

  15. ESL Investments holds nearly half of this retailer's stock and also controls four of nine board seats. The retailer was in the news recently. Name it.

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