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Brand Quest      (May 08, 2003)

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I. Marketing Quotient

  1. The California Public Employees Retirement System is more famous by which name?

  2. Until this duo devised a pricing model for options in 1973 (to measure volatility), stock market players had been guessing the value of such instruments. The model is named after its creators. What’s it?

  3. India's largest mutual fund, UTI Mutual Fund, has hired an ad agency to rebuild its corporate brands. Name the agency.

  4. He is famous for the quote, "The last thing --- needs now is a vision." After taking over as Chairman and CEO of this company in 1993, which was then ailing, he cut costs and workforce to produce a turnaround. Who is being referred to?

  5. The first of his 'Ten Commandments of Leadership' is 'Commit to your goals' while the final one is 'Blaze your own path' although it's said there are many versions of his principles. Name him.

  6. Which organisation's base line is 'The spirit of Australia'?

  7. Which Chennai-based company's name is derived from Tamil for grace and beauty?

  8. The term 'bear' (in stock exchange terminology) is supposed to be short for 'bear skin jobber'. What does the term refer to?

  9. Cadbury Schweppes' Cadbury Get Active scheme in Britain has run into trouble with consumer watchdogs, which have termed the company's campaign 'a scandal'. What's the scheme about?

  10. What is the crop management services arm of Mahindra & Mahindra called?

  11. Fevicryl and Arcon are art material brands of which Rs 650-crore company?

  12. This duo took an old garage at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California, to build 'Model 200A' in 1939, and eventually established a company that is now a technology giant. Name them.

  13. This sedative and anxiolytic drug, having the Latin word for 'to be strong and well' as its name, was introduced by Roche Labs in 1963 and was a commercial success. Name the drug.

  14. The Indian Railways' brand of bottled mineral water is called what?

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