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Brand Quest      (March 27, 2003)

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Marketing Quotient

  1. Which international insurance company has been using the cartoon character Snoopy for more than a decade in its advertising?

  2. Which famous Hollywood studio has a logo of a mountain with stars above its peak?

  3. You've quite likely heard of the casual wear apparel brand USI. What does USI stand for?

  4. Name the leading German haircare company, the takeover of which was recently announced by Procter & Gamble - the largest acquisition in its business history.

  5. The business news channel, CNBC, was originally an acronym - although it is commonly referred to only by the shortened name, with the expansion long since forgotten. What did CNBC originally stand for?

  6. Haliburton, a leading company in the US, was recently in scandal news, particularly linked to its former CEO who is currently a leading functionary in the US Government. Name him.

  7. In automobile history, the phrase `Fix it again, Tony' was popular mocking of a famous brand in its early years during its launch in the US. Name the brand.

  8. Which famous Formula 1 team is supported by the automobile major Fiat of Italy?

  9. Which brand takes the name from a flightless bird - because the wife of the founder of this product was born in the country famous for this bird ?

  10. Where is the headquarters of Boeing, a city whose fortunes dipped dramatically in the 1970s, almost creating a mass exodus from the city?

  11. Which business group owns a majority stake in leading Indian rubber-related companies CEAT and Harrisons Malayalam?

  12. What does EID in EID Parry (India) Ltd stand for, though the company does not use the expansion now?

  13. Which company was originally named the Computer-Tabulator-Recorder Company (C-T-R)?

  14. What was the brand name of the first scooter manufactured in India?

  15. Which insurance company's logo is the Rock of Gibraltar?

  16. What is the `brand name' of the soft drink in the recent Mountain Dew ad, which is the target of comparative advertising ? (Clue: It is twist of a popular brand of soft drink owned by Coca-Cola)

  17. What is common to Pulsar, Legend, Byk and Spirit?

  18. Sun Microsystems gained its name originally from the acronymn SUN - and not just the star. What did SUN originally stand for?

  19. Which company's antidepressant drug is Prozac?

  20. Which car brand means "I Roll" in Latin?

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