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Brand Quest      (December 19, 2002)

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Check you knowledge on a potpourri of questions on latest news in the world of business. (4 pts each)

  1. What is the brandname of the new car model in the D segment launched by Toyota in India recently?

  2. Why was this in the news recently: ``an apartment in New York, limited-edition 2003 Mercedes Benz SLR, membership to three private gold clubs, private seats in tennis matches, baseball games and Metropolitan Opera, round-the-clock access to a Boeing 73 7’’?

  3. Which MNC sold its malt drink brand Protinex in India, and is also in the process of sale of its electric shaver of division-Schick-Wilkinson Sword worldwide?

  4. The Soyabean-based foods market is dominated by Ruchi Soya with its brand `Nutrela’. Which famous FMCG company is making its foray into this segment with its recent takeover of the `Mealmaker’ brand?

  5. There has been a flurry of PC launches of a new kind recently. These PCs can be used as a legal pad – where you can write on the screen with a stylus. What are these PCs called?


Some of the most famous products and service brands of the world are not prominent in India since they have not been launched officially in India. Match some of these brands and the product categories they belong to. (1 pt each)

    1. Rubbermaid              a. Bank
    2. Dole                    b. Household plastics
    3. Clarion                 c. Premium watches & jewellery
    4. Wachovia                d. Foods
    5. BVLGARI                 e. Consumer Electronics


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC, or simply, a baseline for the brand. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. "It's the way you make me feel".

  2. "Where do you see yourself six months from now?"

  3. "I am free. Free to watch FTV with Dad. Free to celebrate both Id and Diwali. Free to talk in my mother tongue. Free to wear shirts twice my size."

  4. "Give your child the headstart Picasso never had."

  5. "There are two kinds of people on earth. The who's who. And the who's he".


Select the right answer (2 pts each)
  1. Pemex is one of the world's largest oil companies. Which government is the majority stakeholder in the company?

    • Indonesia
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Spain

  2. Which famous US businessman is often referred to as `Oracle of Omaha'?

    • Warren Buffett
    • Bill Gates
    • Stanley Bing
    • Larry Ellison

  3. GemPlus and Schlumberger are the world's leading manufacturers in what product category?

    • SmartCards
    • Oil rigs
    • Uncut diamonds
    • Printed circuit boards.

  4. Which book opens with the description of the author thus : ".. spent nine years as a necktie-wearing corporate victim assigned to cubicle 4S700R at the headquarters of Pacific Bell'?

    • Jack Welch
    • Scott Adams
    • Peter Drucker
    • Gita Piramal

  5. Which corporate group owns the private air charter service under the brand `Million Air'?

    • Tata
    • Birla
    • JK group
    • Essar Group

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