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Brand Quest      (October 11, 2001)

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Check your knowledge on one of the world's best known food brands, Nestle. (4 pts each)

  1. How does the brand Nestle get its name?

  2. Which famous brand of Nestle came into existence following the efforts of the Swiss Public Welfare Society in the late 19th century to develop a quick-to-prepare, easy-to-digest packaged food?

  3. Name the Italian brand famous for its range of packaged pastas launched in 1827, which is currently owned by Nestle?

  4. Nestle has always faced controversy for its promotion of this category of food in the last few decades. This includes various boycott calls in the 1980s on its range of foods. Which category of foods are we talking about?

  5. Identify the brand that Nestle does not own among the following: Carnation, Perrier, Milkmaid, After Eight, Mars, Cerelac, Quality Street, Taster's Choice


Check out the following advertising baselines and match them with the automobile brands, which use them.(1 pt each)

    1. The passionate pursuit of perfection       a. Mazda
    2. Driving is believing                       b. Volvo
    3. Get in. Be moved                           c. Lexus
    4. For life                                   d. Infiniti
    5. Own one and you'll understand              e. Hyundai


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. One day there'll be a road here. Till then there's ____.

  2. Put your message where it can't be missed. Advertise on a _____.

  3. Neela pack apnao. Chhupe rang dekh paao.

  4. Buland Bharat ki buland tasveer. _____.

  5. We use ____ only on two days. The day it rains. And the day it doesn't.


Select the right answer (2 pts each)
  1. With which brand would you associate the company Mohan Clothing company?

    • Blackberrys
    • Color Plus
    • Numero Uno
    • Parx

  2. What did Ray Tomlinson, an employee of BBH Technologies, invent 30 years ago?

    • Internet
    • E-mail
    • Computer mouse
    • Laptop computer

  3. In which PSU did the Government announce its decision to offload its majority stake to its lone bidder, Tata Consultancy Services?

    • CMC
    • Hindustan Teleprinters
    • IT & T
    • C-DAC

  4. Which company has launched premium canned foods under the brand Kitchens of India starting with the soft launch of Dal Bukhara ?

    • ITC
    • Hindustan Lever
    • Cargill Foods
    • Nestle

  5. Which company is the title sponsor of the current triangular one-day international series in South Africa featuring India, Kenya and South Africa?

    • Standard Bank
    • Sahara
    • Three Lions
    • Pepsi

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