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Brand Quest      (October 04, 2001)

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Check your knowledge on some of the world's best-known premium brands. (4 pts each)

  1. Which world famous premium brand is characterised by its monogram with the stylised letters, `L' and `V'?

  2. Born in Russia, he settled down in Geneva in the 1930s - his name is synonymous with super-premium merchandise ranging from fine cigars, to expensive perfumes such as `Cool Water' and `The Good Life'. Who are we talking about?

  3. One of the best known champagne brands, it derives its name from that of an 18th century woman who was a connoisseur and the lover of French King Louis XV. Name this brand.

  4. Founded in 1847 by a master jeweller, this eponymous designer brand is primarily known for its jewellery, but also makes designer watches and accessories?

  5. Synonymous with premium Belgian chocolates, this brand founded in 1926 by the Draps family in Belgium derives its name from a 11th century English Queen. Name the brand.


Check out the following famous business books and match them with their authors. (1 pt each)

    1. Experiential Marketing              a. Paco Underhill
    2. Why we Buy                          b. Fred Wiersema
    3. What's in a Brand?                  c. Michael Wolf
    4. Customer Intimacy                   d. John Philip Jones
    5. The Entertainment Economy           e. Bernd Schmitt


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. Haarne ki yun, aadat na padti, agar engine mein daala hote ____'

  2. `Extra Cover. Extra Service. Extra Care.'

  3. `Suraksha ...zindagi ke har kadam par'

  4. `Technology to the max'

  5. `150 years of heritage. The trust of 50 million people worldwide. And now ____ ties up with ___ to add Life to Insurance'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. Sachin Tendulkar appears in the TV commercials for which model of car, recently launched in India?

    • Opel Swing
    • Fiat Uno Trend
    • Fiat Palio
    • Honda Accord

  2. `Sugar Free' is a leading brand of artificial sweetener in India. Which company owns the brand?

    • Cipla
    • Cadila
    • Monsanto
    • Glaxo

  3. Which famous company was founded in 1985 following the merger of Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth of Omaha, and has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world in the last decade?

    • General Electric
    • Enron
    • Electrolux
    • Computer Associates

  4. Which was India's first-ever free Internet service provider, which started operations in 1999?

    • PacificInternet

  5. Following the debacle of Ansett Airlines a few weeks ago, which European airline suddenly filed for bankruptcy and a cessation of all air services without notice ?

    • Lufthansa
    • KLM
    • Swissair
    • Sabena

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