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Brand Quest      (April 19, 2001)

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I. Brand in its Elements

Check your knowledge of some famous brandnames based on chemical elements (4 pts each):

  1. Name the chemical elements on which the names of two brands of deodorants for men marketed by Baccarose is based ?

  2. What famous Indian brand of jewellery was founded by Mahesh Rao of Peakok Jewellery Ltd, (the company which now owns the brand) ?

  3. What was the brandname of the unsuccessful venture of Motorola launched in 1998 worldwide aimed at global mobile satellite communications ?

  4. What is the most premium sub-brand of credit card launched in India by Citibank called ?

  5. Name the light inert gas unique for its high luminescence and is widely used in high voltage display lighting and has revolutionised outdoor media ?


David Ogilvy once said, ``Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns.'' A fair indication of the amount of work that goes into great advertising campaigns. Now, how many Ind ian ad campaigns can claim that! Check out the following baselines - and match them with the refrigerator brands that use them (1 pt each) :

    1.  The world's best homemakers         a.  Electrolux
    2.  Keeps food fresher, longer          b.  LG
    3.  The total refrigerator              c.  Samsung
    4.  In celebration of fitness           d.  Daewoo
    5.  Enjoy the freshness                 e.  Whirlpool


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TV commercial, or simply, a baseline for the brand. Can you identify the brand advertised? (3 pts each)
  1. Imagine five people working in five different places to get you the job you deserve. The Job Search Agent at ____ does just that

  2. Pehli dhulai main poori safai

  3. When you have the highest number of centuries in international cricket. What else could you ask for ?

  4. 100% operations resumed in Korea. Three new world cars ready for India. One absolute certainty. We're back to drive the future

  5. 9 baj ghay kya ?


Select the right answer ( 2 pts each)
  1. What brand of apparel launched recently is endorsed by the film actor Hrithik Roshan?

    • Provogue
    • Blackberry
    • Tamarind
    • Ozone

  2. What was the first private sector mutual fund to be launched in India when the sector was opened up in 1993 ?

    • ICICI
    • Kothari Pioneer
    • Alliance Capital
    • Morgan Stanley

  3. In 1938 Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel sold all rights to which comic-strip character to their publishers for $130?

    • Mickey Mouse
    • Superman
    • Spiderman
    • Denis the Menace

  4. In which current TV commercial would you encounter film star Anupam Kher appearing as father & son ?

    • Kissan
    • Rooh Afza
    • Rasna
    • Frooti

  5. Which celebrity endorser is common to the following products : American Express cards, Buick cars, Nike sports goods, Wheaties breakfast ?

    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Michael Jordan
    • Jerry Seinfield
    • Tiger Woods

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