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Brand Quest      (February 01, 2001)

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I. Retail Corner

Check out your knowledge on some leading Indian retailers. (4 points each)

  1. Where in India would you find the famous retailers (i) Chermas (ii) Akbarallys (iii) Kids Kemp

  2. Which famous Indian retailer owns the brands Bare jeans and John Miller shirts?

  3. Under what name did Westside exist in India before being taken over by Trent (Tata Retail Enterprises)?

  4. Which famous business groups own the following famous Indian retail stores - (i) Westside (ii) Health & Glow (iii) Shoppers' Stop

  5. An easy one for residents of Chennai: One of Chennai's largest supermarket and pharmacy chains, it is possibly the first large-scale discount store chain in India. Name the retail chain.


Marshall McLuhan once wrote, ``Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful reflections that any society ever made of its entire range of activities.'' There is an ever-growing interest in the market for books which peer into the future. Check out the following famous books on future trends in business and match them with their famous authors. (1 point each)

    1.  Megatrends			        a.  Paul Kennedy
    2.  Being Digital			b.  John Naisbitt
    3.  Clicking				c.  Robert Reich
    4.  Preparing for the 21st Century	d.  Faith Popcorn
    5.  The future of success		e.   Nicholas Negroponte


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TV commercial, or simply, a baseline for the brand. Identify the brand advertised. (3 points each)
  1. We've ensured your shelter. Now we'll insure your life.

  2. Mera mummy ka favourite word hai Na

  3. Jo biwi se kare pyaar, who ____ se kaise kare inkaar

  4. Bachchon ko poora poshan milta tho, chinta kyon kartee ?

  5. People. Not Plastic


Select the right answer. (2 points each)
  1. Launched as, and touted as India's first e-newspaper, it had to change its name to following protests from a Chennai-based newspaper with the same name. Which famous group is promoting this venture?

    • The Times Of India
    • Indian Express
    • India Today

  2. Following the much publicised merger of Bank of Madura with ICICI Bank, which private sector bank recently announced its merger with UTI Bank?

    • IndusInd Bank
    • HDFC Bank
    • Times Bank
    • Global Trust Bank

  3. In which current TV commercial would you encounter a duplicate version of Shahrukh Khan posing as the real actor?

    • Mayur Suitings
    • Clinic All Clear
    • Pepsi
    • Santro

  4. What street in Britain is famous as a centre for traditional British tailoring ?

    • Louis Philippe Street
    • Bond Street
    • Saville Row
    • Throgmorton Street

  5. This famous multinational company entered the Indian biscuit market with much fanfare, also taking over operations of Nutrine confectionery. Within two years of its launch, it has announced its exit from the Indian market. Name the company.

    • Heinz
    • McVities
    • Sara Lee
    • Perfetti

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