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Brand Quest      (December 07, 2000)

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I. Toyland

Check out how much you know about Mattel, one of world's most well known toy manufacturers. (4 pts each)

  1. How did the company get the name Mattel?

  2. In which year did Mattel launch its successful Barbie doll?

  3. What famous brand, then the world's number one brand name in infant and pre-school toys, was taken over by Mattel in 1993?

  4. What is the brand name of the successful line of die-cast miniature vehicles first launched by Mattel in 1968, and now available in India?

  5. Which famous toy series, also a famous TV cartoon series, launched by Mattel in the mid-eighties, eclipsed briefly the sales of Barbie in 1985, but soon died out in popularity? Who was the lead character in this series?


Joseph Conrad, on advertising once wrote: ``Whatever evidence it offers of enterprise, ingenuity, impudence and resource in certain individuals, it proves to my mind the wide prevalence of that form of mental degradation which is called gullibility.'' Consumer gullibility could be a major reason for the glut of fairness creams in the market and their overwhelming claims! Match the following brands of fairness creams with the companies that market them in India. (1 pt each)

    1. PT-White Fairness Cream                      a. Pears
    2. Touch & Glow                                 b. Avon
    3. Fairever                                     c. Emami
    4. Naturally Fair                               d. Revlon
    5. Naturals Fairness                            e. CavinKare


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. `We went through 165 trials to arrive at an award-winning speaker. After this, we made one more change. We junked it.'

  2. `Are you woman enough?'

  3. `12 million page views. 100 index updates every minute. 5,000 listed companies. A complex software solution was the last thing NASDAQ wanted'

  4. `Building Trust. Worldwide'

  5. `Talk on your mobile phone at the movies. And others might give you more than just their attention'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. After several abortive attempts, which company has finally taken steps for the takeover of Quaker Oats, including its successful soft-drink Gatorade?

    • Pepsi Cola
    • Coca-Cola
    • Danone
    • Nestle

  2. For what contribution, made in 1965, is fashion designer Mary Quant remembered; an act which is acknowledged as having revolutionised the fashion industry in the 1960s and 70s?

    • Designed the mini-skirt
    • Designed the bikini
    • Founded Vogue magazine
    • Started Cosmopolitan magazine

  3. The first commercial video game, Pong, was launched in 1972. Which company was responsible for it?

    • Sony
    • Atari
    • Mattel
    • Kodak

  4. This famous media personality took over the struggling newspaper Sun in 1969, and made it the largest selling newspaper in the UK in less than a decade, increasing circulation by over five times. Name this personality.

    • Kerry Packer
    • Howard Hughes
    • Robert Maxwell
    • Rupert Murdoch

  5. Richard Branson is well known for his diversified business operations under the umbrella brand Virgin. What was his first line of business under the Virgin brand, launched in 1973?

    • Soft drinks
    • Mail order music company
    • Airlines
    • Women's inner garments

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