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Brand Quest      (August 03, 2000)

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I. Black Gold

Check out how much you know about the world's oil companies. (4 pts each)

  1. In 1833, Marcus Samuel opened a small shop in London's East End selling sea shells to Victorian natural history enthusiasts. Which oil company has its origins in this modest beginning?

  2. Which oil company almost doubled its size in 1984 with the takeover of Gulf Oil company in what was then the largest corporate merger in US history?

  3. A sunburst symbol called Helios is the unified corporate logo of the entity formed by the merger of three major oil companies with British Petroleum. Two of the three companies are Amoco and Arco. Name the third.

  4. Which company was formed jointly by Texas Company and Standard Oil Company 64 years ago, and is currently owned by Texaco and Chevron, and is known for its substantial presence in the Asian region?

  5. Which oil company was responsible for the worst oil spillage in recent history, in 1989, following its oil tanker's accident off the Alaskan coast. An accident which caused considerable bad publicity for the company?


David Ogilvy, echoing the views of many product-oriented companies once said: ``Many manufacturers secretly question whether advertising really sells their product, but are vaguely afraid that their competitors might steal a march on them if they stopped.'' Check out the following OTC brands and match them with the companies that own/market them. (1 pt each)

    1. Coldarin                a. Parke Davis
    2. Benadryl                b. Kopran
    3. Smyle                   c. Paras Pharma
    4. Strepsils               d. Johnson & Johnson
    5. D'Cold                  e. Boots Piramal


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. `Just when you thought you own all the symbols of exclusivity, a new one comes along'

  2. `5 million air bubbles knock out the tiniest bit of dirt from even the heaviest clothes.'

  3. `Cut the Crap. Let's talk farts (sic) and figures.'

  4. `Achtung Baby! (German for : Watch Out Baby)'

  5. `Now register free on the largest yellow pages in the country with 3,64,452 shops, industries, products and services listed.'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. Which company has recently relaunched the famous toothpaste brand Cibaca as a sub-brand?

    • HLL
    • Colgate
    • Ciba-Geigy
    • Dabur

  2. With the Star TV gameshow Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC) gaining rapid strides in viewer ratings, a brand has already produced and released a TVC entirely based on the KBC format. Name the brand?

    • Hungree
    • Wrigley's
    • Smyle
    • Glycodin

  3. In which current ad would you encounter a nude male model holding a bowler hat covering the essentials with the copy reading: ``Women like men in formals''?

    • Bata
    • Lee Cooper shoes
    • Gaitonde shoes
    • Lotus Bawa shoes

  4. Oaktrak and Red Tape are two well-known brands of shoes of which lesser known company?

    • Mesco Shoes
    • Farida Shoes
    • Mirza Tanners
    • Lotus Bawa

  5. What private sector bank was promoted by the erstwhile 20th Century Finance Corporation and has the baseline: `State -of-the-heart banking'?

    • TimesBank
    • Global Trust Bank
    • IndusInd Bank
    • Centurion Bank

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