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Thursday, May 18, 2000

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Brand Quest      (May 18, 2000)

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Sink your teeth into these questions on brands linked to fruits. (4 pts each)

  1. Robert Knight started this apparel brand in the mid-1850s, and adopted as a logo the now famous arrangement of three fruits; an apple, a pear and a cluster of grapes. Name this apparel brand.

  2. Synonymous with the banana, this brand completed 100 years in 1999, and created the famous slogan: `____. Quite possibly, the world's perfect food.'

  3. This famous company is named after a fruit, and its best- selling brand is named after a type of the fruit. Name the company and its best-known brand.

  4. Which famous international advertisement, commonly titled `lemon', ends with the famous line: `We pluck the lemons; you get the plums'?

  5. This famous apparel brand, started in 1978, was taken over by Gap Inc in 1983, and is based on the derisive name given to some Central American countries for their excessive dependence on US fruit companies. Which is the brand?


Claude Hopkins, on choosing brand names, said: ``The right name is an advertisement in itself.'' It is generally the first step, and the most important, to choose a memorable, catchy name for your brand. Check out the following mosquito repellent brands, and match them with the companies that market them. (1 pt each)

    1. Mortein                              a. Bayer
    2. Raid                                 b. Reckitt Colman
    3. GoodKnight                           c. Tainwala Personal Care
    4. Casper                               d. Lever Johnson
    5. Baygon                               e. Godrej Sara Lee


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 pts each)

  1. `The only thing that's even more dated than these kids is your media plan'

  2. `Doodh nahi peeyega, to aisa hi hoga'

  3. `Nimble as a Ninja. Safe as a Swiss bank '

  4. `Software for hard work'

  5. `I'm your present for the evening'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)

  1. Which famous watch brand was launched in 1983 by hanging a 500-ft-long sign in the shape of a watch in Frankfurt?

    • Longines
    • Swatch
    • Casio
    • Rolex

  2. Why was the name AnaNova recently in the news?

    • New doll launched by Mattel
    • First virtual news reader on the Net
    • Name of the Amul moppet
    • World's most popular porn site

  3. TV personality Shekar Suman appears in ads for the new detergent Tide from P&G. Besides Zenith computers, he also appears in ads for a brand of underwear. Name the brand.

    • Lyril
    • Rupa
    • Lux
    • Frenchie

  4. J.Hampstead Suitings attained notoriety after hastily pulling out its ads featuring Hansie Cronje recently. Which company markets the brand in India?

    • Siyarams
    • Digjam
    • S.Kumars
    • Graviera

  5. According to the 1999 Interbrand study, Coca-Cola was rated the most valuable brand in the world. Which came second?

    • Pepsi
    • GE
    • Microsoft
    • McDonald's

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